Back in Doctor Who’s wilderness years, I used to scour amusement arcades the length and breadth of the North East coast of England looking for 3 things – an original Star Wars arcade machine, some easily accessible totty requiring only a lager and fags for access, and a Doctor Who pinball machine.

And were I to have spare £3K, I could have snapped one up on eBay recently. This particular model sold in Illinois, USA, for $3549.99, which might seem like a nice little nestegg gone to waste on a pinball machine to some, but to those of us that remember the game with affection, it seems like a good deal. I found this via and was interested to see that it was listed by the designer’s son.

And to keep the retro theme – it’s about bleeding time too, BBC! – the entire Key To Time season is set to be launched in the UK on DVD, reports the Official Doctor Who site, along with Sarah Jane Smith’s first appearance in The Time Warrior!

…On 3 September, is The Time Warrior. Starring Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor, the story also marks the first appearances of the Sontarans and the timeless Sarah Jane Smith.

Following that on 23 September is the long-awaited Region 2 release of The Key To Time. The epic Fourth Doctor six-story box set has been available in America for several years, but only now will it come with the full extras it deserves.

EXTRAS!!!! Excellent! I’m a massive fan of The Key To Time, and can honestly say it can’t come soon enough. Mary Tammtastic!

Elsewhere, ever been scared by a wheelchair user? DigitalSpy’s cult section underlines the science fiction tendency to equate wheelchair with evil, using both Dalek creator Davros and alt-Earth Cybermen creator John Lumic as examples. They also thankfully provide a positive example – resistance leader Dortmun in 1964’s The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

BBC Books have announced forthcoming releases from writers Mark Michalowski (Wetworld), Mark Morris (Forever Autumn) and the traditionally inaccessible Paul Magrs (SIck Building). Featuring the Doctor and Martha, these novels fit in somewhere in Series 3, and you can see covers here.

Following John Barrowman’s recent appearance on Jonathan Ross, it seems that lovely Freema Agyeman is set to appear this week, reports her devoted (unofficial) fansite, Ozzy Osbourne will also be in attendance, should you be interested.

Finally, Daleks have invaded. Well, seem to think so, anyway.

THE daleks have invaded Frome and are planning to stick around until next month.

The full-size daleks, Tardis and other sci-fi legends are part of a new exhibition at the Rook Lane Chapel which opened on Friday and runs until June 2.

The project is a collaboration between Rook Lane Arts and local international toy packaging designers Product Enterprise, who design and produce the merchandising for some of the classic toys and collectables, from Lost in Space to Doctor Who.

Open 11am to 4pm Monday to Saturday, it certainly looks worth a visit if you’re in the area.


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