Some Sort of Round Up

There’s lots of bits and bobs to catch up with in the world of Doctor Who (not least answering the “When’s the next podKast?” question), so let’s start with the BAFTAs.

Why no Doctor Who? Did Billie Piper bribe the BAFTA committee when she was in the show? Or is there more to it? Digital Spy‘s Dek Hogan:

They seemed to be having a worthy rather than a populist shindig this year, hence Doctor Who wasn’t up for anything while Life on Mars, one of the most original dramas in donkey’s years only managed an award voted for by the audience and not one from the Academy.

No Doctor Who – nothing new over 40 odd years, but ignoring Life on Mars? You’re nicked, BAFTA.

Meanwhile, one of those red-tops (The Mirror) reports on not quite Doctor Who writer (and Minister of Chance in Death Comes to Time) Stephen Fry’s current workload, which includes a second series of lighter-than-Midsomer Murders legal detective series Kingdom and writing a pantomime for Kevin Spacey. You read that right, a panto. There’s also a Doctor Who-related quote:

He is so busy he turned down offers to write scripts for Doctor Who.

Fry said: “When you are set a benchmark of excellence such as that of Russell T Davies, you have to have it right or not at all. So I decided reluctantly on not at all.”

Fair enough, I suppose.

Millenium FX have seen their Ood replicas draw attention in the national papers, although at £250 they’re likely to remain (rightfully!) in the hands of collectors.

John Barrowman’s ubiquity knows no bounds, as the Captain Jack Harkness actor appears in the Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast. No, really. Read on. Actually, listen to it, it’s pretty good, and brings John face to face with the nearest thing on Earth (that we know of) to time travel…

The recent RHS Chelsea Flower Show caught the Queen’s eye, reports the Prince of Wales’ website and Hello Magazine (via Outpost Gallifrey. Apparently Her Majesty said to the leader of the entry (Cardiff City Council’s) Mo Dorken:

“‘Why is there a Tardis there?’

“I was explaining how we were having a Doctor Who theme and a Sixties part of the garden because it was when the series first started.”

Finally… DALEKS!

This time, it’s a charity Dalek from Huddersfield, reports, built by Garry Appleyard, to raise money for Kirkwood Hospice. It was – it seems – built on a bit of a whim, according to Mr Appleyard.

“I did it for my kids, really. They started watching Doctor Who and really liked the Daleks, so I decided to make one.

“I thought it would be a lot easier than it has been. I’m not a massive Doctor Who fanatic and I wouldn’t say it has been a labour of love – but it has certainly been a labour!

“But once I put my mind to something I have to get it done.”

And if you’re interested in Dalek building, I recently spoke to Dalek Builder and Kasterborous Forum member David Smith – you can read the results in our Interviews Section


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