Tennant on Parkinson

Whether or not Michael Parkinson’s researcher has been suspended/fired/ridiculed in public or not, the fact remains that David Tennant is only the second Doctor Who star to appear on the Yorkshireman’s chat show.

Tennant appeared on Parkinson on Saturday night alongside Amanda Holden, and after the subject of embarrassing fake orgasms and confusion over the Doctor’s family, it seems that DT does get slightly embarrassed about some aspects of Doctor Who (quotes below come from The Sun as I was ironically enjoying a drink in a leafy Merseyside suberb on Saturday evening, and missed the interview…):

“You go into a supermarket and your face is on a cake! There are now underpants with my face on them! Yes my face on a crotch!”

Actress Amanda Holden, 36, who also appears on the chat show, has revealed how she desperately wants to play a baddie in Doctor Who.

She said: “I want to be a really evil but glamorous piece. An icicle or something like the Snow Queen in Narnia. I’m the only person I know who hasn’t been in Doctor Who, I want to be in it.”

Does this declaration demand a gratuitous Amanda Holden pic?

Amanda Holden

You Betcha!

FreemaAgyeman.com picked up on the Sunday Mirror‘s “revelation” of Freema having a boyfriend, coplete with pictures. Described as an estate agent, Jamie Wild is described as “Mr Who”. Seems pretty dull in the long run, and hopefully the papers will ignore him and let he and Freema get on with their provate lives.

Back in The Sun, in anticipation of Saturday’s The Lazarus Experiment, Mark Gatiss is quoted enthusing about the prosthetics:

“My prosthetics were fantastic! “They took about three hours to put on, and within an hour of wearing them I suddenly found myself acting like an old man – even off screen!

“They completely change the way you feel. I kept sitting down and sinking into my seat not being able to get up again.”

He added: “And I looked like my dad, which was just weird!”

Experiencing Series 1 and 2 withdrawal pangs? Why not fix them with Digital Spy’s Cult Spy Icons #4 – Mickey Smith! Or you could jut ignore this and continue with the “items Kasterborous missed out of its Lazarus Experiment buildup” and enjoy a great interview with Mark Gatiss, concerned primarily with the latest Doctor Who adventure, in which he advocates a Winter slot for the series…


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