The Fantastical Worlds of Doctor Who

…or what’s going on in the fictional websites of Martha Jones and Mr Harold Saxon?

One of the best things about the BBC’s support of the new Doctor Who is the provision of interestnig websites featuring the places and people who have appeared in the stories. We’ve had the Who is the Doctor site owned by Clive in Rose, which became Mickey’s own website, the Torchwood House website, the UNIT website, a site for Deffry Vale High School from School Reunion, one for Cybus Industries… the list goes on and on – and I daresay one or two of these aren’t “official”.

So let’s look at Vote Saxon, a site that mixes neo-con rhetoric with Blairite posturing (yeah, surprised you all then, didn’t I…?).

And I’m being serious, it is an interesting satire on the current political climate, one in which dissenters are unfairly insulted, barracked, smeared even – or simply ignored. For instance, the Doctor is painted as a terrorist (one small step from Blake’s 7 here, eh?) despite preventing the deaths of dozens at the Saxon-sponsored Lazarus Experiment, but of particular interest is the LHC – Large Hadron Collider.

…some of them are under the impression that if a black hole is created, in theory they could contain the thing and use it as a power source… it seems it could fuel the entire planet – even then, that’s totally insignificant to its full potential. Maybe we could control time itself?

Ha ha. Mankind, the Lords of Time.

Why would the Saxon website be interested in this?

Meanwhile, Martha Jones has expressed her joy at being allowed to travel with the Doctor. Her Myspace Blog provides an interesting glance into the world of Martha Jones, and particularly her family. For instance, Martha isn’t the oldest sibling:

Tish is a year older than me but I’ve always been the responsible one (or the boring one as someone with a death wish might say).

That I didn’t know. There;s also the question of how did Tish get the job?

She’s somehow got herself this big important job but she’s such a mess. Honestly, you should see the state of her flat!! Mine, of course, is spotless.

So full marks to the people behind these two new additions to the online worlds of Doctor Who, and keep the extra colour and myth coming!


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