Torchwood Takes BAFTA Honours

Despite a strong showing from Doctor Who, it was Torchwood that stole the show at this years Welsh BAFTA’s last Friday.

Winning best drama, and a gong for best actress for Eve Myles, Torchwood staked a claim for its own longevity, also picking up awards for best director of photography: drama, and best design.

Talking to, “TV Choice” magazine’s Elaine Penn summed up the win:

“With the new series of Doctor Who being such a success, nobody was surprised when writer Russell T Davies came up with Torchwood.

“It’s still filmed in Cardiff, still made by BBC Wales, and there’s still lots of aliens in it. But it does show Cardiff in a vibrant new light. It’s really sexy and quite scary.

“I don’t let my kids watch it just yet, but I’m definitely going to get the box set on DVD and we can see how that goes.

“The second series, which is now being filmed in Wales, is going to be one to watch. I think it’s going to come back with all its guns blazing.”

As we’ve already heard, Torchwood Series 2 is set to air in early 2008, and has also found time to catch up with one of its stars, Eve Myles. Apart from avoiding leery blokes: “Oi! Aren’t you Gwen? Show us your Weevils love!”, Myles talks about her Torchwood character and the similarities and differences with herself and her other famous (but only in Wales) character, Ceri Lewis of Belonging.

“Gwen is nothing like me, but at the end of the day it’s me who’s playing her. Know what I mean? She fights and is really ballsy and far funnier than I’ll ever be.

“And Ceri is always made up and tottering around on her high heels. I’m not like that at all. I’m more comfy than that, more of a Converse (boots) girl, jeans and a hoodie-type girl.

“I’m not high heels or power-thing suits. Gwen is leather, Ceri’s more Topshop. Gwen is more on my par as she’s more urban.

“Anyway, Gwen’s a lot tougher than I am – the first sight of a Weevil and I would have gone home for a Chinese takeaway and a cup of tea.

“I certainly wouldn’t have joined Torchwood!”

Of most amusement in this must-read interview, however, is Myles’ recollection of her reaction to being cast as Gwen:

“I kept phoning up my agent saying they’d made a mistake and I’d got it mixed up. I said it needed to be sorted out sooner rather than later, that we should clear the air, because I didn’t want to look a fool.

“I couldn’t eat properly; I couldn’t understand why they’d be interested in me.”

A quick mention that Naoko Mori has left the cast (she plays “Christmas Eve”) of comedy musical Avenue Q (Official London Theatre before we close on Digital Spy’s Cult Spy feature on the subject of s-e-x. It recalls the second episode of Torchwood, Day One, and the unusual death that took place “on the job” in the nightclub toilets, dragging it back (naturally and frankly, thankfully) to mention of a pre-Charmed Alyssa Milano in The Outer Limits devouring some lucky chaps in the sack.

All the best ideas are stolen 😉


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