Woody Allen…? Who’s Next, Michael Jackson?

Rumours are circulating – thanks to UK tabloid The Sun – that immensely famous actor, writer, director and sometime musician Woody Allen has been approached to appear in Doctor Who.

Obviously something of this magnitude should be taken with a pinch of salt, but let’s just see what The Sun are saying…

FILM legend Woody Allen is being lined up for a starring role — in the Christmas special of DOCTOR WHO.

Show bosses have made an astonishing approach to the geeky Oscar-winning American director and actor.

An insider on the BBC1 sci-fi hit said: “Producers are going all out for big names. Kylie confirmed last week, now Woody Allen’s in the frame.

“They want him to play Albert Einstein. They chose Einstein because they want historical figures in the special. Einstein’s also linked with Dr Who themes, like time travel.”

Naturally, the BBC have refused to comment on this, although as ContactMusic have pointed out, Allen is set to visit the UK soon for production of his next movie Cassandra’s Dream, which wil str Ewan MacGregor and Colin Farrell.

Of crouse, it is entirely possible that this rumour was borne from news of David Tennant filming a BBC drama about Sir Arthur Eddington, and his correspondence with Albert Einstein, reported here several weeks ago, and recently reported on LakelandRadio.co.uk.

It’s quite a difficult one to take seriously, of course, and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for fantasy casting. Behold then, the Kasterborous Fantasy Casting Call!

  1. Anthony Hopkins would make an excellent President Roosevelt as the Doctor and Martha visit wartime America
  2. The Doctor and Martha visit ancient Greece and encounter the Medusa, a failed humna-reptile hybrid as played by Cher
  3. Clive Owen would be superb as a Man With No Redeeming Features as the Doctor and Martha are seperated in a casino
  4. Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue as duelling Cyberwomen
  5. !

  6. Finally, Denzel Washington as Martin Luther King

So – how exactly shall we take this – pinch of salt? Sniff of flowers? Or is it deadly serious?

Time will tell… in the meantime, continue our game in the Forum…


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