Barrowman’s Book

Torchwood and Doctor Who star John Barrowman is releasing his autobiography, reports Digital Spy.

According to the Scottish-born entertainer’s official website, the book will be called Anything Goes and will be published by Michael O’Mara Books.

“We are absolutely delighted to be publishing his life story,” stated the book’s editor Kate Gribble. “He’s a multi-talented, high-profile star.”

While it’s hardly going to be “Who on Earth is Tom Baker” or “Withnails”, I daresay John’s life has been fascinating for a man of his age, and certainly worth more of a read than many of the other recent spate of celebrity tomes.

John has also been busy speaking to The Times, as reported last week on the Kasterborous Doctor Who News page and at – mainly about Doctor Who, but there was one very interesting revelation:

He mentions that he once auditioned for the role of James Bond, and was told to come back in ten years’ time.

“That was five years ago, but before I came out,” he explains. “An American audience might just about stomach a blond Bond [Daniel Craig] but not a gay Bond. But you know what? Russell T. Davies has written a complete action hero that’s iconic, and kids love him, and mums, and dads, and gay men and women. And I’m completely content.”

Couple of brief snippets now: four episodes of the upcoming Sarah Jane Adventures will be directed by ALice Troughton who previouly helmed Small Worlds and Out of Time for Torchwood Series 1, reports the Gallifreyan Embassy; prior to the broadcast of Torchwood in Australia (which began on June 18th), Channel 10 promoted the show with the tagline “Captain Jack is Coming!” (missus…), reports

In fact is a pretty good resource for those wanting to stay on top of news from the show – witness these snaps of filming on location in late May.

But the big Torchwood story is currently the news that Gwen and Jack have a relationship. in Series 2, revealed in an interview with Eve Myles in Australian newspaper “The West”, and reported first on

“Well, there’s a palpable love there. I think it’s not so much physical sex in the first series because there’s other characters in there that we have affairs with… yes, naughty Gwen, but I think it’s the extremity of her job with all the tensions of work and not being able to share her world with anybody. But with Jack and Gwen, it’s the real thing and they’re going to make you wait for that.”

The reaction to this statement is mixed, as you can imagine – although perhaps critics should remember tha Jack isn’t a gay character, he’s an omnisexual character.


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