Forget About Mister Saxon

..for five minutes, at least! There’s plenty of Doctor Who news to deal with that doesn’t involve the Master, the Sound of Drums, Professor Yana or Captain Jack!

First up – did Blink give you any flashbacks? Drunken browsing of the 2005 Christmas Annual? No? Oh well, whether you recall the original story or not, you can read it at the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site. I would thoroughly recommend a re-read if you haven’t already – it’s a wonderful concept, and both stories are very good, yet of course very different.

Digital Spy’s Cult Spy Phobia feature has moved on the the fear of hay, not the most obvious in anyone list of fears, even those of us with hayfever. They put it all down to Human Nature/The Family of Blood, too and pose the (unlikely) situation of a farmer who is a Doctor Who fan…

What does a Whovian farmer do to scare off the birds now? Surely constructing a scarecrow given the recent story could trigger some kind of mental breakdown? The only answer is to write off the year’s harvest or perhaps even install a large greenhouse instead. The wise decision is to bale out

BBC Radio Wales’ Doctor Who – Back in Time recently asked for questions to be posed to the show’s stars and production team, and returned yesterday for the first of two new editions, reports the Official Doctor Who site. Find out more at BBC Radio Wales, boyo.

“B*ll*cks to Eccleston”

This was a bit of a surprise to discover, but it seems that in light of the ball-breaking good Series 3, the earlier series of the show since it’s return in 2005 have been – shall we say – re-appraised. A reviewer for, while displaying his love for the Series 3 Volume 1 DVD release stated recently:

The guy gets a lot of credit for being at the forefront of the revival of Doctor Who, possibly the best science fiction show ever commissioned *** But was anyone even paying attention to his characterisation of the Doctor, the immortal Timelord who is undoubtedly high in the pantheon of great TV characters? Sheer ridculosity, and that’s not even a word.

However don’t get too upset just yet. The unlikely-named Owain J Brimfield also pulls this absurd statement from a hat full of nonsense:

The Shakespeare Code, as one might tell by its dodgy referential title, is the weakest link on the disc – as are most of the ‘historical’ episodes of Who

So what does he know, hmmm?

Ever stayed in a Who-tel? Well, as report, you can now – or at least one heavily furnished with Doctor Who props. Huw and Beth Roberts own the Gwesty Cymru on Aberystwyth seafront and turned to Cardiff’s Specialist Models and Displays, the company behind the Timelord’s Tardis and Daleks.

Beth, 37, whose favourite Doctor was Tom Baker, said: “It would be great if the Doctor would stop by but I don’t know what he would make of it. But you never know, he might be on location in Aberystwyth someday – it’d be great publicity!

Sounds great, but let’s face it, I’ve got more chance of being in Aberystwyth than a fictional time traveller, haven’t I?


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