John Barrowman, 007

…well, almost. James Bond fansite, report that Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman revealed to The Times that he once auditioned for the part of James Bond…

The article is no longer available on The Times website, and thankfully mi6 have retained a copy. So here’s the moment:

…He mentions that he once auditioned for the role of James Bond, and was told to come back in ten years’ time.

“That was five years ago, but before I came out,” he explains. “An American audience might just about stomach a blond Bond [Daniel Craig] but not a gay Bond. But you know what? Russell T. Davies has written a complete action hero that’s iconic, and kids love him, and mums, and dads, and gay men and women. And I’m completely content.”

John’s return to Doctor Who of course if high on the agenda:

“It’s a completely different Doctor and assistant to last time. Jack’s looking at the Doctor going, ‘Oooh, thisDoctor is funny and quirky and sexy. The other one was like a U-boat captain – a bit dull.’ So there’s an edge there that wasn’t there before. And there’s a lot of stuff resolved in this series for Jack. There’s this whole thing of where Jack comes from, what his story is, and when I read it, I rang Russell and said, ‘I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but that is brilliant!’ God, I wish I could tell you what happens!”

The interviewer meanwhile reveals that he or she (it reads like Caitlin Moran) knows the climax to Series 3 of Doctor Who – John’s reaction?

For reasons too complicated to explain, I do actually – despite all the BBC’s admirable, warlike levels of secrecy – know what will happen in the season finale of Doctor Who. “You do?” Barrowman yelps. “Ohmy-God, isn’t it AMAAAAAAZING?”

I guess we’ll find out in ten days time…

John as also releasing his autobiography, reports Digital Spy.

According to the Scottish-born entertainer’s official website, the book will be called Anything Goes and will be published by Michael O’Mara Books.

“We are absolutely delighted to be publishing his life story,” stated the book’s editor Kate Gribble. “He’s a multi-talented, high-profile star.”

While it’s hardly going to be “Who on Earth is Tom Baker” or “Withnails”, I daresay John’s life has been fascinating for a man of his age, and certainly worth more of a read than many of the other recent spate of celebrity tomes.


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