John Barrowman Interviewed

Series 2 of Torchwood is currently being filmed, and John Barrowman recently spoke to the re-formatted Dreamwatch magazine, now re-imagined as Total Scifi.

They asked him both about Doctor Who and of course Torchwood, the latter of whch will see a change in Jack’s character as a result of the events in Series 3 of the former. Complicated? Well, we’ll see. So, sticking to Torchwood:

Well, I’ve just been sent the breakdown for the first few episodes and there’s a couple of surprises. I know the storylines for most of the series now, and certain things are going to change. It will be coloured very differently and will bring a lot of the humour back to Captain Jack.

Which will be good to see. It seems that playing such a hugely popular character as Jack (of course, totally due to the charisma of the actor behind the man) has opened some quite unusual doors to John, from racehorses to the Royal Air Tattoo.

I think I’d like an airplane named after Jack. Not so much after John Barrowman, because that would be a bit egotistical, but I think the public love Jack so much. The Flying Harkness would be fun, or a Virgin Atlantic plane, maybe.

This summer, in fact, I’m going to be a representative for the RAF and the American Air Force at the Royal Air Tattoo. The RAF is the only branch of the military that openly recruits gay men. I’m being flown in on a jet fighter and I get to make a big speech and play action man for the day with a load of guys in uniform. Sounds awful, doesn’t it! That’s all thanks to Captain Jack.

Inside The Hub is a new book by veteran Doctor Who commentator Stephen J Walker, who has spoken to The UK SF Book News Network about the release. Interesting words from Walker on the matter of creating a book of this type:

“In principle, anyone with sufficient time and resources could research the factual side of a series, but the analysis is unique to the author, because it represents his or her own personal take on the subject matter. This is where an author can really ‘add value’, by offering insights and observations that might not have occurred to the reader, and in that way hopefully enhance the reader’s appreciation and enjoyment of the episodes.”

Take note… Inside The Hub is available from Telos Publishing.

Torchwood is about to take Australia and New Zealand by storm, with Australian viewers shortly able to view Torchwood on Channel 10 and New Zealanders able to enjoy the series alongside Primeval, part of the same package of shows:

“Torchwood and Primeval are both groundbreaking, action-packed shows representing a new direction in UK drama that is ideally suited to the innovative and exciting channel offering of TV2” commented Lisa Clements, Vice President, Programme Acquisitions, at TVNZ.

So why, when Doctor Who is viewed in Australia on ABC is Torchwood on Channel 10? According to

An ABC spokeswoman described Torchwood as a bit “blokey” and not as family-oriented as Doctor Who.

“It didn’t really fit with our line-up,” she said.

The surprisingly-sexy Torchwood stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, who appeared in the first season of the revamped Doctor Who. It will screen on Mondays at 9.30pm.

That’s from next Monday June 18th, antipodeans!


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