Last of the Time Lords Buildup pt2

The Doctor Who Series 3 finale is just a day away, and with Earth’s fate in the balance and the Doctor and Captain Jack prisoners of the Master, everything is down to Martha Jones…

However Martha seems more content with visiting TV and radio shows – well, the actress that plays her does, anyway! Freema Agyeman is everywhere this week as the BBC keep David Tennant under wraps to avoid any spoiler-speculation.

First of all, Freema chats to the Radio Times (have you got two copies yet?), and has already been see on Richard and Judy, the Channel 4 chat show. On Wednesday morning Freema appeared on the Christian O’Connell show on Virgin Radio, while later today she appears on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Radio 2, sometime between 2pm and 5pm (you can listen to Steve Wright via this page). She’ll also make an appearance at the Gay Pride event tomorrow in London, which as you may have heard has laid on a big screen for gay Doctor Who fans to watch the season finale as part of their festival (all via

You can watch the trailer for Last of the Time Lords either at the BBC site or at, where the actress is the main feature in the trailer. She looks pretty fetching in the combat look, too.

Although there is a shortage of images for the conclusion of the Master’s return, has posted a few pages of screencaps from the trailer, which perhaps gives us a few clues as to who “Milligan” is…

There are also a selection of BBC approved pictures which show us Martha with Milligan as well as Captain Jack in what looks like a lot of pain. Incidentally, as in the trailer and public promotion, there is not a sign of the Doctor. It’s going to get darker before it gets light again… has rebranded itself as a Doctor Who site!

Since we setup Vote Saxon at the start of April, thousands of people have joined in this alternative role-playing site as the new season of BBC’s Doctor Who progressed. We’re grateful to all those who have willingly and creatively joined in the fun and made the site what it is. Go to any search engine, type in “Vote Saxon” and you’ll see that we’re the number one place to go on the internet in relation to the story-arch of this series of Who.

Our intention is to now move over to be a fan site covering all aspects of the new series of Doctor Who.

You can contact the site via the link above to make your own suggestions about what you would like to see on their site. Meanwhile the official Harold Saxon site is available if you haven’t seen it already, featuring some of the Tony Blair-like photos we saw in The Sound of Drums. No discernable cloes there, either – perhaps you would be better off looking at Nick Brown’s article if you want some real speculation…

Finally, don’t think I’ve finished with the lovely Ms Agyeman – she’s visiting SFX offices next Tuesday to answer questions that you can pose via their website.

And that is it! Series 3 has been a wonderful journey, so thanks to all involved. After the review and reaction articles next week, I’m going to take a few days off – the news will recommence in earnest on Sunday July 14th, where we’ll be turning our attention to Doctor Who Series 4, Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood Series 2.


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