Political Plea: Don’t Vote Saxon

Friends: as you know, this is a Doctor Who online magazine; the intricacies of politics have no place here.

However over the past few weeks you may have noticed allusions to events around the world which I feel unhappy with, a feeling that culminates here on Polling Day, as the nation awaits the results of an election that could see the installation of Harold Saxon as Prime Minister.

There is still time to make a change. A successful campaign for Saxon will spell disaster for Britain and the civilised world. His campaign has been run on a basis of empty promises and false hope, while rumours of insidious manipulation of the media and opponents have been aggressively smothered.

His supporters’ use of technology meanwhile has been proven to be corrupt. Take a look at this promotion for SMS updates of the election results. Meanwhile just two weeks ago this email was circulated:

A spokesman for Populus commented, “These poll results are extraordinary. If the vote goes like this next week then Harold Saxon will be Prime Minister with a majority of almost 200. Even seats that are traditonally neck and neck between the two old parties are showing huge shifts in favour of Saxon”.

To test the statement we went to the #6 Conservative / Labour marginal, the constituency of Harlow, and could only find election posters for Saxon. It looks as though from the top to the bottom of the country, the people of Britain are turning to Harold Saxon to make this country a safer, alien-free land.

Full Poll Details

• Saxon – 41%

• Conservative – 22%

• Labour – 21%

• Lib Dem – 6%

• Others – 10%

Alien-free? Majority? Populus? MANIPULATION, I tell you.

And just this week I received an email promoting Saxon with a heavy emphasis on “time”:

By voting for Mr. Saxon on Election Day, you could change the future. As time is so critical to all of us, the future is something that we can all count on – it’s coming at an unstoppable pace and cannot be avoided.

The past is long gone and the present is fleeting…only the future can be counted on.

Harold Saxon is the future.

“The future”? This man is dangerous. Please, please, do not vote for Saxon.

It may be too late for me. This message may not last the night, but remember, even if Saxon does get in, there is still a chance – but it will be desperate, final and might even destroy us all utterly…


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