Steven Moffat for Exec?

Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat is features extensively in the latest edition of The Stage.

He is reportedly interested in bringing back his seminal series Press Gang, reports The Stage:

I would revive that like a shot. I would love to do a reunion episode — a grown-up version. I know Julia Sawalha is interested — every time I see her she asks me when we are going to do it. Maybe it will happen — I would like it to.

Of course, someone out there will have to buy the latest edition of The Stage and let us know exactly what Steven Moffat says on the matter of taking over from Russell T Davies…

The next issue of the Radio Times – which features a Doctor Who poster offer – also features the work of Millenium FX’s Neill Gorton on the cover, which heralds Steven Moffat’s new serial Jekyll. Neill also appears in Starburst magazine in part one of an interview.

New DVD covers have been issued for the classic range of Doctor Who DVDs, reports the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site. The DVDs will be available at a lower price for a period:

The eight specially chosen titles will be:

* The Five Doctors

* Genesis of the Daleks

* Spearhead from Space

* Earthshock

* Remembrance of the Daleks

* The TV Movie

* The Hand of Fear

* Revelation of the Daleks

Each DVD is identical to the previously released version, but will come with a specially designed outer cardboard sleeve.

And that political rascal Mr Saxon has been making an impression in the USA…

Speaking today about America’s relationship with the United Kingdom, the US President briefly mentioned how Mr. Saxon seems to be “[…] a top quality guy” and that “[He] Ain’t never done darn good business with a guy like Harold Saxtone…I think he’s a good leader for England. He’s got my two thumbs up.”

Regeneration is the only word that can describe the effect a Saxon government will have on this country. The short-lived and insipid “Golden Age” of Harriet Jones will soon be overshadowed by Mr. Saxon’s vision of a Great British Utopia.

Hmmm… I’m planning on voting for the Natural Law Party.


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