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Finally, a Doctor Who comic book! The Gallifreyan Embassy (and others) have reported that a Doctor Who comic is to be published.

News from the San Diego Comic Convention, the industry’s largest public gathering, reveals that Gary Russell – former DWM editor, Big Finish bigwig and one of the current Doctor Who scriptwriters – will be taking up writing duties for the tome, currently titled IDW, short for It’s Doctor Who. Nick Roche of the recent Transformers: Devastation and Transformers: Beast Wars will be in charge of the artwork.

This is the first time that a devoted Doctor Who comic book has been produced – previous in strip form have been the TV21 exploits, the Doctor Who Magazine strip and the Doctor’s crossover adventures in the Marvel universe, as well as the graphic novel range of DWM strip reprints.

IDW Artwork by Nick Roche

According to Gary Russell:

“The stories involve the Doctor and Martha Jones, so it’s all somewhere within the latter half of Series 3.

“I’ve known David a few years now, so it’s tricky, separating one of the most genuinely loveliest people in the world from my TV hero, the loveliest of those,” said Russell. “But yes, hearing his voice in my head is easy. However, translating it to the page is less so. But then, what’d be the point of doing this if it wasn’t a challenge. And I know very well that if I don’t nail it straight away, there are several thousand people out there who’ll delight in pointing this out and steering me in another direction.”

Speaking of direction, Russell, who will remain on as a script editor for the series while writing the book, added jokingly that the most vocal of those several thousand will likely be his boss – Russell T Davies.

“He approves everything I do,” said Russell of Davies. “This version of Doctor Who is his baby, his creativity and drive is involved all down the line on everything connected with the show. He is a comic fan too, so we both want this to work really well. I fear he may kill me personally if I get it wrong. Eek!”

I’m really excited about this, and the artwork looks really promising – Roche’s work on the Transformers comics is pretty awesome, and the images accompanying the report in

Whiel we’re on the subject of magazines, Death Ray #4 is out in the shops now, and features once again some Doctor Who related content.

Who’s Horrors

From the Slitheen to those scarecrows, we’ve rounded up every new Who nasty and rate them, their plans, and what might have happened had it not been for the good Doctor…

Nice feature, and an improving magazine – not bad really seeing as it’s been a great, informative, intelligent read since day one!

Read mroe about Death Ray at the publisher’s website.


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