Hollywood Legend Dennis Hopper?

Derek Jacobi, Kylie Minogue, Catherine Tate… Dennis Hopper?! As the list of unlikely casting in Doctor Who continues, rumours from UK tabloid The Sun (a source we no longer directly link to over the Freema Agyeman affair) suggest that Hollywood legend Dennis Hopper – whose movie credits stretch back to Gunfight at the OK Corral is in talks to appear in Doctor Who.

According to Digital Spy:

A source told The Sun: “Dennis is a big fan of the show and bosses are really keen to get him on board. Discussions have been going on for some time but his diary is proving a nightmare to work around. However everyone is hopeful they can make something work.”

Hopper is best known for his roles in Blue Velvet and Easy Rider.

As surprise casting goes, this is a big one. Perhaps its just a rumour, or perhaps Quentin Tarantino will be directing an episode of Series 4.

Hopper’s appearance would be a major draw for US fans viewers, who are in store for a treat this week as Doctor Who returns to Sci Fi. Friday July 6th is the date, check your local listings for the times as I can’t quite fathom your time zones.

There is plenty of coverage of Series 3 in US organs such as the St Cloud Times, and the Chicago Daily Herald, and note US viewers that the first episode in your Series 3 schedule is The Runaway Bride, which co stars the Doctor’s Series 4 companion, Donna Noble. Confused? You should be….

Incidentally, younger fans can visit CBBC Newsround‘s site and voice their opinion on the return of Donna.

The conclusion to Series 3 drew a lot of comments from across the Doctor Who fan community on and offline (yes, there are still fans offline), but you cannot deny its continued popularity. As The Daily Record‘s Mark English writes:

Too many folk write this off as “kids TV” – probably the same drooling fools who still think Big Brother is a sociological experiment.

What utter rubbish.

Doctor Who manages to be genuinely engaging to kids and adults, without ever failing either – a feat of true genius.

And finally… a Dalek made of matches. The People reported a few days ago about Brian Croucher who makes artefacts from matches. his home apparently includes a grandfather clock, a rocking chair and a rocking horse – all made from matches.

The former engineer, dubbed “The Matchstick Man” by pals, started out by building a 12in motorboat in 1986. Since then his projects have included a windmill, which took seven months to make and used 21,000 matches.

His rocking horse took 18 months and 180,000 matches, a fully-working grandfather clock two years and 210,000 matches and his rocking chair a year and 120,000 matches. His most ambitious project was a 5ft warship with electric motors, propellers and a gun. It took SEVEN years and 212,000 matchsticks to bring to life.

He is now working on a full-size Dalek for his grandchildren.

Good luck with that, Brian. Even if the matchstick Dalek comes to life and exterminates you, you’ll die having appeared in the same news bulletin as Dennis Hopper…


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