Invasion of the Bane DVD

The Sarah Jane Adventures special from New Years Day, Invasion of the Bane, is set for DVD release on October 29th, reports

This is likely to be in advance of the series DVDs, with the show itself due to start its run in September. As reported by, a promotional postcard has been released, at The same page also suggests a title for one of the episodes:

In other (but no less exciting news) there’s several rumours floating around the internet that “Adventure One” of the SJA series proper has a title at last. According to some sites, the story – by Gareth Roberts – will be called “Stuff of Nightmares”. Although, and I can’t stress this enough, I’ve no way to validate the rumours, so for all I know it’s a bunch of old cobblers

Outpost Gallifrey meanwhile has reported that a novelisation of the Gareth Roberts-penned adventure is listed on Amazon for release on November 20th, sharing its release date with 3 other as-yet-untitled novelisations. They’re all listed at £4.99.

Filming on the series has continued apace, with the crew being spotted out and about across South Wales. The recent DWM reported o a complete list of writers and directors iinvolved on Sarah Jane Adventures:

EPISODES ONE/TWO: Gareth Roberts (writer); Alice Troughton (director)

EPISODES THREE/FOUR: Phil Ford (writer); Alice Troughton (director)

EPISODES FIVE/SIX: Phil Gladwin (writer); Charles Martin (director)

EPISODES SEVEN/EIGHT: Gareth Roberts (writer); Graeme Harper (director)

EPISODES NINE/TEN: Phil Ford (writer); Charles Martin (director)

There were was also a few words from Russell T Davies about some of the casting (originally transcribed here):

“Production on Sarah Jane has been a joy,” He comments to DWM “And it’s amazing to think we’re now in the final stretch of filming – though with a long way to go. But with great scripts and wonderful guest stars such as Jane Asher and Phyllida Law, the series is looking very exciting. Transmission is roughly scheduled for the autumn, though as ever, these plans change. But we’ve already seen the edits for Episodes 1 and 2, and we’re delighted with the end result, and can’t wait for you to see it.”

Finally, news on K9 Adventures, from Broadcast Magazine (via – you guessed it –!):

K9 Adventures

Running time: 26 x 30 minutes

Description: The loveable BBC TV robot dog created by Academy Award winner Bob Baker (Wallace and Gromit – The Wrong Trousers) is brought to the screen in a series of new adventures in space developed with Jetix Kids. A mix of live action and state-of-the-art CGI and with scripts by Darrell Vickers and Andrew Nicholls (W.I.T.C.H), K-9 is sophisticated, funny and adult in a way that relates to younger viewers, as well as speaking to family audiences. Currently in pre-production with delivery targeted at July 2008.”

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that one; there’s evidently an audience for K9, but I don’t like the wording of this update – it’s trying too hard…


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