Last of the Time Lords Reaction pt1

Audience figures for the conclusion to Doctor Who Series 3 saw Last of the Time Lords kicking some audience figure behind with figures reaching as high as 9 million!

According to Digital Spy, the episode averaged 8 million viewers throughout broadcast, beating the previous two series finales. Natyurally the BBC are pleased:

“We are delighted that Doctor Who was the most watched programme on television on Saturday night,” a BBC spokesperson stated. “It was a superb ending to a very successful third series.”

Reaction to the Doctor Who Series 3 finale has been universally praised in the press, with organs such as The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph and The Times paying tribute.

While the Guardian Blog was probably not wholly impressed…

We are back on Earth with the Doctor and Captain Jack (again) battling yet another malevolent group threatening London with zillions of them spewing forth from the heavens and darkening the skies and the prime minister is involved again and … get my drift?

…and the Telegraph’s Jim White not really managing to stay awake…

I drifted off to the land of nod, dozing happily on the sofa as a load of old cosmic screwdrivers washed over me.


True, coming to a work at its climax is possibly not the best way to judge it. Unless you have seen the plot lines develop, you don’t get much out of watching them unravel.

…who better but to save the day for Whovians everywhere but the Times’ lovely Caitlin Moran, under the banner “Doctor Who is simply masterful”. Writing in Saturday’s paper, she revealed that

As with all last episodes of Who, there are no preview tapes, and the levels of secrecy around it border on war-time. I bumped into Mark Thompson, the Director-General of the BBC, at the Chelsea Flower Show, and even he doesn’t get to see it before broadcast.

Although when all is said and done, I’m more interested in this chap who posted a reply to Caitlin’s online article:

Actually I think the storylines have been very weak with an overreliance on CGI and famous historical characters. And a peculiar obsession with America, probably because the writers are either Eurosceptics or more concerned with selling their shows to The States. Daleks are boring me now, and the Cyberpeople just looked stupid. Also there is an overeliance on quarries and disused power stations (as if the future is going to be automatically more industrialised). Human shaped monsters are dull and insipid – there’s been no real clever writing.

Jon Kingsbury, Southampton, UK

Blink and you’ll miss it, Jon, that’s all I can say.

By the way, do you know a man who denies that Daleks can fly…?


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