The Ood will return in Doctor Who Series 4! In a surprising but very welcome announcement, the Ood – submissive race of slaves seen in the Series 2 two-parter The Satan Pit/The Impossible Planet – are set to return, suggesting a visit to an alien planet next year.

It isn’t clear what episode number their story is, but here’s the main details from the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site:

n Planet of the Ood, the Doctor and his new companion Donna will travel to a weird and wonderful alien planet, where she will meet the mysterious race for the first time.

The episode will allow viewers to discover the origins of The Ood and why they behave the way they do – but will the Doctor become their friend or foe?

“We’re delighted The Ood are making a welcome return to Doctor Who,” said lead writer and Executive Producer Russell T Davies.

“They were last seen falling into a black hole back in Series Two and we think it’s only fair for the viewers to find out what the Ood have to say for themselves! Donna is certainly in for a shock.”

Great news, then, and something for Donna-deniers to look forward to next year!

On the subject of casting, we’ve heard the names of Woody Allen and Dennis Hopper linked to Doctor Who, as well as the former Prime Minister – and now there’s the Heir to the throne. The Telegraph’s “Spy” reports that series producer Phil Collinson attempted to recruit Prince Charles as a cameo!

“We recently approached Prince Charles because we had some great ideas for him in the show,” he tells Spy at the Veuve Clicquot Polo tournament.

“Unfortunately he politely declined but did say that he was a big fan of the show.”

I wonder if he might have been portraying a werewolf…?

There are reports from David-Tennant.com that Top Trumps are producing a Doctor Who video game! Not before time, either, if you ask us:

Top Trumps have revealed their plans for a Doctor Who video game to be released in time for Christmas 2007.

It is thought it will be available on PC, PS2, DS and Mobile.

An advert for the game appears in the new Doctor Who Top Trumps card pack.

This is significant news, and will hopefully open the floodgates for a host of Doctor Who video games. I’m literally dying for a Whoniverse MMORPG (although it might spell the end of my social life) but I’ll settle for a fun platform game, with a cutesy, cartoon Doctor leaping over Daleks, Cybermen and resourcefully disrupting exploding things with his sonic screwdriver ((C) CM CAWLEY, 2007)…

We’ll close with some news in brief: Torchwood and Doctor Who star John Barrowman has made the top ten of a gay poll, hitting tenth place, reports Digital Spy – I’m not certain if “gay poll” is some sort of double entendre, though…; The Gallifreyan Embassy have reported that David Tennant has again beaten Tom Baker to the Most Popular Doctor title in a UKTV poll, with Christopher Eccleston almost making 2nd place…; also from the Embassy, Derek Jacobi (Professor Yana/The Master) and Zoe Wanamaker (Bitchy Trampoline/Cassandra) are appearing in a production of Dickens’ The Old Curiosity Shop on ITV on Christmas Day, possibly opposite Doctor Who…; ThisIsMoney.co.uk reports that Amazon’s success this year has seen Doctor Who toys outselling other toys, while new companion Catherine Tate’s Comic Relief DVD (also featuring David Tennant) topped the DVD sales…; a Times column (“This is the English Broadcasting Corporation”) uses Doctor Who and Torchwood as proof that the BBC doesn’t have to be so London-centric – but then everyone is dissing the BBC these days, and frankly if people are more concerned about the level of honesty from phone-in shows and not bothered about the level of reliability from the news departments, we deserve all we get…

We’ll close with news that British soul singer Ali Love (me neither) stuck a Doctor Who Voice Changer Helmet on his bonce at the close of a videocast interview with the Guardian, reports BBC America:

At the end of the video, he slips on a Doctor Who Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet, to which the fools over at the big G respond, “May the force be with you!”

Oh dear…


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