Timelash comes to DVD

Popular UK SF magazine SFX have posted a review of the much-maligned Colin Baker-era adventure Timelash, recently released on DVD.

While it probably isn’t as bad as the review suggests (Paul Darrow is always good value), it certainly isn’t a masterpiece…

Guest star Paul Darrow clearly decided the only way to get through it was to have some fun seeing if he could out-over-act Colin Baker by trying out his Richard III. The final insult is that while whining for-the-dads eye candy Peri is being tied up and ogled for the gazillionth time, we’re tossed one Herbert George Wells as a substitute companion – who’s then made to look like an utter, utter tit.

As David Tennant’s third series concludes, the fact that this is the classic DVD hitting the shelves while 22 (twenty-two!) Tom Baker adventures wait in line rather forces us to ask: is someone taking the piss?

Completists will of course be relieved to know that Timelash is available from Amazon for just £8.98.

SFCrowsNest has reviewed the Big Finish adventure Renaissance Of The Daleks by Christopher H. Bidmead, notable for being a “missing” Dalek adventure and for being written by a former series scriptwriter. I couldn’t let this news bulletin continue without the following observation and quote of dialogue:

Production values are high with the desire and need to keep all of these audios in line with the BBC adventures. It makes for a tighter and more disciplined approach. They like dropping hints and adding dimensions to the Doctor. It must be a satisfying experience to flesh out a character that he left unfinished. This story does some justice to the character and is enjoyably complex without being over the top. Also, where else would you get the line, ‘Wheel him over to the console, that chaise longue is on casters’?

Worth the cover price alone!

SFCrowsNest have also covered the Doctor Who Unleashed II event at Holiday Inn Ipswich on 14 – 15 April 2007 – and the report is a good one, mentioning all the guests and the guys from Doctor Who Online, but I like this bit in particular:

There are many memorable moments. The interview with Angus Lennie is particularly poignant. As well as appearing in ‘Doctor Who’ in the episodes ‘The Ice Warriors’ and ‘Terror Of The Zygons’, Lennie was also in the ‘The Great Escape’ and had a long stint in the UK soap Opera ‘Crossroads’, all of which he speaks of with affection and animation. Lennie is almost moved to tears when he discovers that the organisers of the event have remembered his birthday. They present him with a cake, something that he admits has never happened to him before at a convention!

BBC Worldwide have announced record profits, with overseas sales of Doctor Who being credited with helping the commercial arm reach £111.1m, up 24%:

The year’s most successful new titles included Doctor Who, Robin Hood, Torchwood, Life on Mars, 9/11 – The Twin Towers and Planet Earth, the latter being viewed in 95 countries and territories and grossing in excess of £22m in global sales to date.

Some items in brief now: the third Studio Make-up DVD release from Millenium FX’s Neill Gorton is now available, reports the company’s website – the £30 DVD runs for 60 minutes and there is a sample here; Big Finish have recently announced some updates to their audio schedule, with Son of the Dragon set for release in September, Absolution penned in for dispatch in October, a November release for The Mind’s Eye with the final release of 2007 The Girl Who Never Was in December; Outpost Gallifrey has reported that Lawrence Miles’ Faction Paradox will continue under New Zealand based company Random Static Ltd., with their first release being Newtons Sleep by Daniel O’Mahony, scheduled for publication in late 2007. But who are Faction Paradox?

The time-travelling voodoo cult Faction Paradox first appeared in Miles’ Doctor Who novel Alien Bodies. The Faction subsequently featured in several BBC books before obtaining their own novel series, audio plays, and comics.

As we move on to the end of this bulletin (and my last for a couple of weeks!), BBC News have reported on a generator that is charged by vibrations! This is significant as is it is the power source credited with running the Doctor’s original Sonic Screwdriver.

Finally, if you’re missing Series 3 already, or the Master in particular, the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site has pulled together a stack of John Simm stills from the final three episodes of Series 3. Enjoy them.

Simon Mills of Kopic’s Doctor Who News Service will be providing you with news for the next fortnight, with our Associate Editor Brian Terranova keeping a sharp eye on things and offering his unique thoughts for the Kasterborous editorial.


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