Toy Shortage!

A shortage of Doctor Who action figures and playsets has lead to an astonishing rate of inflation in certain marketplaces, reports the Daily Record.

It seems that Series 3 figures in particular are flying off the shelves, and there is an undercurrent in the article that fans of a certain age might be buying more than one figure each…

Some toy stores have now limited the number of figures people can buy.

Customers have even been seen waiting inside shops for the weekly deliveries from suppliers Character Options.

One sold-out figure, the evil Sycorax from the Christmas 2006 show, retailed at £7. But it is now appearing on auction websites formore than £60.

Justine Pryce, of Toys R Us, said: “Certain characters may well be out of stock.

“But we advise against spending over the odds as we are getting regular deliveries.”

Canadian writer Matt Watts (well-known in that soon-to-be-annexed country for his (satirical) radio comedy) has declared that he would love to write for Doctor Who. Speaking to

“It strikes some kind of weird nerve with me (no one hugged me as a child, all I had was TV.) I love the show. I’m glad CBC is putting money into it. I wish they had some kind of say in the production.

I wish they could get me over there. I think writing on that series would be the greatest job ever. It’s my dream. It’ll never happen but it’s nice to dream.”

And while we’re across the pond, Gridlock has just aired on Sci Fi. MeeVee’s review seems to focus on the plot holes:

Apparently along with being drug addicts, the New Earthers are the stupidest humans in history, since it seems like anyone who paid attention for five minutes would notice there was something amiss.

Despite being theoretically the oldest being in the universe, and pretty clever, the Face of Boe apparently hasn’t considered the problem very carefully, since The Doctor figures out how to solve the problem in about 2 minutes. Oh well, I guess that’s why he’s The Doctor.

While well-observed, there is a distinct disdain in the tone of the reviewer, although when compared with this effort from BuddyTV (effectively an episde synopsis, not a review – hack job or what?!) it’s quite clear that there is a style to reviewing Doctor Who that most Americans haven’t yet managed.


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