Warmonger to Appear in Doctor Who?

I was absolutely gobsmacked to find a suggestion that Tony Blair, former Prime Minister and guilty party in an illegal war, has been approached to appear in Doctor Who!

According to this (found via Outpost Gallifrey) report on Yahoo, the Doctor Who production team are keen to have the possible future European President (you lot really should read more) involved!

“Everyone knows Blair did The Simpsons and has appeared with Catherine Tate who is the new companion for the Doctor. So we’re sure he’d be more than open to the offer of a cameo on the show,” a BBC insider said.

The insider added: “It’s not as if he doesn’t have the time to do it now.”

Unfortunately I’m unable to allow my feelings to remain quiet on this. The Doctor – and certainly the series – is a champion of pacifism. This insane casting is unacceptable, and reduces the show to nothing more than a big charity sketch. Furthermore, wasn’t Blair killed in Aliens of London…?

Voyage of the Damned news now, and it seems Kylie is a hit on set, reports icwales.co.uk:

“Kylie is a pleasure to work with. She’s incredibly lovely in the flesh and the production has been going really well so far.”

Meanwhile, a monster has been spotted on set…

The alien – nicknamed Porg on set – was captured yesterday during a break in filming the latest Timelord special.

And the red-faced alien enhanced his anti-social credentials by lighting up a quick cigarette during filming.

“The actor playing the alien spends hours in make-up to get that look.”

Also from icwales.co.uk proof positive that there is a new favourite television genre – unreality! Gill Hudson, of the Radio Times:

“Some would say it’s a straightforward case of success breeding success: let’s jump on the Doctor Who bandwagon and get some of the action for ourselves. Others would argue that great writing is the real driver; the genre is irrelevant.

“But another school of thought says that when we live in difficult times, the programmes we find especially compelling and comforting are the ones that convey a sense of empowerment: where apparently ordinary people can access extraordinary powers that allow them to take on and defeat the Forces of Darkness.”

“And lo, a new genre of “light” versus “dark” entertainment was born.”

Which brings us nicely back to the opening statement…


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