Colin is a Hero too…

Sixth Doctor Who star Colin Baker has spoken of his pride at being considered a hero by his children – thanks to the 21st century incarnation of the series.

Speaking to, Baker revealed that his four daughters all now consider him “cool”, something Baker probably hasn’t appeared to be for quite some time – perhaps even going back to the 70s porn tache days…

“I have four daughters aged 15 to 22 and as far as they were concerned, Doctor Who was like listening to the radio in the Fifties, it was a thing of the past,” said Baker, who stars in Bedroom Farce which opens at the New Theatre tonight.

“But now they are all hooked on it and because they liked the new one they went back and got my old episodes to watch and suddenly it’s made me a hero in my own home.

“One of them said to me not long ago, ‘Is that what you used to do in the Seventies? That’s cool.’”

Baker is still touring in Bedroom Farce, by Alan Ayckbourn, and he describes why he took the gig:

He is currently working on is a comedy, Alan Ayckbourn’s Bedroom Farce.

“I’ve always enjoyed Alan Ayckbourn because, even though I didn’t know this particular piece before doing it, I know the quality of the writing could be trusted. It’s because he writes about people and people don’t change.

“People recognise his characters from their lives.”

Any final words on Doctor Who, Colin – surely you must be a little jealous of David Tennant’s co-stars?

“I would have loved to have starred alongside Kylie Minogue, or even Billie Piper for that matter – and Catherine Tate is excellent too.”

Aye, but not a patch on Nicola Bryant…

The BBC’s iPlayer has been the topic of much discussion recently, with the availability of top rated BBC shows such as Doctor Who and the quality of the interface being key. According to the Times’ Entertainment chaps, however, it’s about the action of watching something online, the experience of what it means to watch a television program on your PC, and how you as an audience member then reacts to the show:

…in future we will be invited to “lean back” (it’s media jargon, bear with it) to watch, say, a downloaded episode of Doctor Who, then “lean forward” (do you see?) to take part in the latest I-love-David-Tennant discussion online.

Don’t we do this already, though…?

Finally, the arrival of the popular US serial Heroes to BBC2 has lead The Telegraph to declare that we have fallen for nerds. Bearing in mind the millions owned by Bill Gates, I would suggest we fell in love with them years ago, but I digress. As far as The Telegraph is concerned, Heroes is part of a telefantasy renaissance – and who are we to argue when they cite Doctor Who as further evidence:

Life on Mars and the reinvigorated Doctor Who have repeated the trick. Both shows garnered substantial obsessive audiences (look on the internet, but take a deep breath first), and both would once have been called cult viewing.

I’m not obsessive! How dare you!

::sips tea from Doctor Who mug::


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