Half Life Who?

There has been more coverage on the story that Top Trumps are producing a much-awaited Doctor Who video game, reports CrunchGear.com

Thankfully, they’ve managed to uncover certain information –

What we do know is that the game is being developed by Ironstone Partners and will be published by Eidos. So far that doesn’t instill the utmost in confidence given the track record from Eidos, but we’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

While the Crunch Arcade team don’t want to see a shoot-em up, I have a feeling that something in the mould of Half Life is what we’re going to get, teaming the Doctor with Captain Jack and allowing the player to swap between characters for problem solving and shooting things (I am available, Ironstone Partners, at a reasonable rate.)

Interestingly, the article adds a list of other related games they would like to see made, such as UNIT, Torchwood, Blake’s 7 and Life on Mars.

Lovely Sophia Myles – lady of the Doctor and all round hottie – has been featured in the press recently, most notably in The Guardian. Myles stars in Hallam Foe alongside Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), although of course as she is best known as David Tennant’s laydee, there’s an obligatory mention or two. Her own opinion on fame and the tabloid focus on some of her peers is interesting, however:

[Myles has] …A steely defensiveness whenever the subject of her private life in general, and her current relationship with Doctor Who’s David Tennant in particular, is mentioned. ‘The culture of celebrity has become insane,’ she shudders. ‘It’s all based on fantasy and I find it creepy and disturbing. It seems like we’re all encouraged to be voyeurs now.’

‘The thing is, your private life wouldn’t be private if you talked about it, and once you open that door, it’s all fair game, and I’ve got no interest in playing that game. I don’t want to be known for anything other than the fact that I play characters in movies.’

There’s plenty to read in a fascinating interview, including comparisons with Ingrid Bergman…

Couple of “in brief”‘s now: FlickFilosopher Maryann Johanson slates Evolution of the Daleks – frankly the woman couldn’t review her way out of a wet paper bag, but she’s got my vote on this one; a Tenth Doctor audio collection is in the pipeline, reports the official Doctor Who site from the BBC, with Lis Sladen linking up the material in BBC Audiobooks’ forthcoming release – Doctor Who at the BBC: The Tenth Doctor, featuring “items and interviews – from Blue Peter, Breakfast, Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Front Row and Jo Whiley Meets Doctor Who”; full cover art for the Key to Time boxset has been released by 2entertain, again via the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site – click here to see the results, and here for a list of DVD contents.

Finally, Digital Spy‘s Doctor Who Series 3 overview has continued with Tony Delgado (love the moniker…) highlighting the theme of humanity. Apparently, the Doctor has a problem with expressing his true feelings, a problem most evident in his relationship with Martha:

This… harks back to The Doctor’s hesitation when telling Rose at the end of the second season that he loves her. He fades before he can. As we’ve seen recently, it was Martha’s turn to fade out of The Doctor’s life, as she seeks to return to a normal human existence.

I thought he just didn’t fancy her…


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