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It must be August – doubtful rumours abound! Young Harry Lloyd – best known as Baines from Human Nature and Will Scarlet in the BBC’s Robin Hood – impressed the Doctor Who production team, reports BBC America.

‘To what extent?’, I hear you ask. Well – a debatable source claims:

Russell T. Davies: “After his audition I sent a note to the casting director saying, ‘He’s not just good for Baines (his character), that’s the next Doctor. Seriously. He’s so brilliant.”

Bit young, though, surely? Nothing wrong with a more mature Doctor and focussing on a dynamic male/female tag team, a sort of Harry and Sarah for the 21st century, now is there?

It’s unlikely of course that David Tennant will be leaving before the end of Series 4 (let’s face it, we’d know about it by now), but Lloyd is only 25, and given his age he won’t be getting over 30 any time soon. A good choice, but definitely too young.

Elsewhere, we forgot to take a look at the Children in Need angle for the Peter Davison comeback story. As far as I can see, there’s still no information that this is definitely a CiN production, and if it is, whether or not it’s full length or just a skit. SFX have questioned the legitimacy of the claim, noting that the source – The Sun – referred to Davison’s “trenchcoat”. You know the one…

I must admit, this news does excite me, regardless of the format it takes. Preferable, of course, would be the full comeback a la Sarah Jane Smith, although of course this might provide terrible consequences. One can rightly surmise that the Ninth Doctor made attempts to divert the course of pre-Time War history with possible contacts with his past selves, perhaps unleashing Reapers.

But I digress.

The Stage meanwhile has extolled the virtues of the Fifth Doctor, with blogger Mark Wright celebrating Peter Davison’s stint as the Doctor.

If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect Anthony Dry was doing some ghost writing:

And the reason why the news of the Children in Need special (it’ll probably be a five minute fluff piece, but I’ll take what I can get) excites me so much is that my childhood TV viewing experience has come full circle. 25 years later, my Doctor Who could be appearing alongside my nephew’s Doctor Who, and I think that’s pretty cool. A timely reminder of why I love TV so much in these increasingly dark times for the medium.


Is that you?


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