Moffat Dismisses Nesbitt Rumour

Everyone’s favourite Doctor Who scriptwriter Steven Moffat has stepped into the ring over the casting of James Nesbitt as the 11th Doctor rumours, reported here Thursday.

Speaking on the Outpost Gallifrey forum, Moffat – who produced and wrote the Jekyll series staring Nesbitt – broke his silence and stated:

The James Nesbitt story is a total fabrication. Made up. A fantasy. Just a guy sitting at a desk and just inventing stuff.

I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’m getting embarrassed for the deeply wonderful Jimmy Nesbitt. So tell everyone please, cos it’s getting very silly.

So that’s that – it’s all a bad rumour. As The Stage put it:

there was just enough credibility in this rumour for it to gain a little traction. For starters, it kicked off in the pages of The Sun, a paper whose Doctor Who scoops have frequently been ahead of the curve. Even when it gets things wrong, as it did in stating that Freema Agyeman had been sacked as Martha Jones, there has often a small element of truth in there (in Agyeman’s case, the character was leaving as a regular companion

This debunking has come at the right time, and throws the content of this article into a nice context. Unfortunately the word “zany” appears far too many times in an otherwsie amusing piece that was evidently written by someone who has never seen Doctor Who, and certainly doesn’t “get” it.

Elsewhere, and this is truly shocking news, money raised on behalf of the South West Dalek Crew has been STOLEN. Over to ThisIsSwindon:

MOST people would not be brave enough to steal from a Dalek.

But that is exactly what a gang of skateboarders did when they swiped a charity bucket from the South West Dalek Crew.

It is thought the skateboarders got away with between £30 and £40.

If anyone has any information about the theft, contact the Bristol Marie Curie Cancer Care fundraising office on 0117 924 7275.

There’s plenty more in the article about how the morale was hit by the theft, and I’d recommend reading it – also if you do know anything at all about the incident, please inform the Bristol Marie Curie Cancer Care fundraising office, or the local police.

Finally, has very kindly explained Doctor Who to Americans. Sadly, research seems to be rather thin on the ground with this article too.

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