Moffat Does it Again!

So… how does a Hugo Award winner Steven Moffat top the experience of winning Best Shortform Drama Presentation? Why, he wins it again the following year!

So massive Kasterborous-shaped congratulations to Steven Moffat for winning the Hugo for The Girl in the Fireplace, a highpoint in Doctor Who and definitely the best episode of Series 2. We suspect however that the competition will be a bit tougher for next year’s award, and not just from Human Nature, so fingers crossed for Blink next year!

The winning of this award twice of course puts Moffat in an unenviable position, and one which more than a couple of Doctor Who writers would wish to be in. I’m not mentioning any (abbreviated) names…

David Bowie has issued a response to the rumour that he would be appearing in Doctor Who. Ziggy Stardust denied the rumour on his website, calling it “absolute tish and tosh” (our source was The Stage). Expect a song from Bowie in the near future made up of random words from newspaper reports about this very story. (Note to non-Bowie fans – a large proportion of Bowie’s lyrics are derived from random phrases pilfered from newspaper cuttings.)

David Tennant spoke to‘s Grant Smithies recently, with the questioning focussing on Tennant’s effect on the laydeez…

“Oooh, I don’t know about that. I think the doctor is a very sexy dude, really, no matter who’s playing him. It’s just that the way the show is written nowadays invites girls and women in more than it did before. Russell gives it a kind of emotional heart that it hasn’t always had, which means that the stories are still enjoyable to sci-fi or adventure fans, but now they connect with people who like more conventional drama as well.”

There’s also a lot of support for fandom, which as we know, Mr Tennant has to some extent been a part of:

“Well, it becomes a hobby, doesn’t it?” Tennant says. “I think that’s OK. I think Doctor Who fans are somewhat unfairly judged, like what they’re doing is socially unacceptable. It’s entirely harmless. At least they’re not going out raping or murdering people. And it’s a fantastic world to lose yourself in, which is probably why it has survived so long.”

But is he happy?

“Yes, well, I’m having the time of my life. I’m very content at the moment. The public appreciate me, I love my work, and here I am on my day off, sitting in sunny London in the middle of summer, overlooking the West End from my agent’s very posh office. Life, as they say, is sweet.”

That’s that settled then!


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