Multi Who? (Spoiler…?)

Is the Fifth Doctor to make a shock return appearance to Doctor Who? So says another ex-Doctor, Sylvester McCoy…

Outpost Gallifrey have related a statement made by Sylvester McCoy at the Day With A Doctor event in Auckland, New Zealand, in which the Seventh Doctor actor claimed that Peter Davison will be returning to the series as the Fifth Doctor in a multi-Doctor story in Series 4.

There is of course no official BBC confirmation of this as yet, but the casting would be a significant entry into the adventures of the Doctor, being the first time that he has met any of his previous incarnations sinne 1985’s The Two Doctors. Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor last met his other selves in 1983’s The Five Doctors, and of course we will completely discount “Dimensions in Time”.

Furthermore this information isn’t likely to be kept quiet for much longer if true, and as such doesn’t particularly warrant hidoing the information as a spoiler. However given the source involved we can at least make certain spoiler phobes don’t read the article.

Peter Davison of course has had a very successful career post-Doctor Who, appearing in several comedy series, serious dramas and of course Big Finish audio adventures of the Fifth Doctor, in which he has teamed up with Sarah Sutton and Nicola Bryant – no word yet on Ms Bryant returning, but expect to the Kasterborous Forum to spontaneously combust with excitement if this is announced.

Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss – also known for a myriad of reasons outside of Doctor Who – is the subjectof a feature in today’s Guardian. There’s loads to read, from Gatiss losing weight via cutting out bread, to naturally and inevitably, Doctor Who:

Above all, however, is his love of Doctor Who. “In a way, it’s been the spine of my career,” he says. “It was my first TV memory and I always wanted to be in it and write for it. In the interregnum, in the dark days, I wrote Doctor Who books [he has written four to date]. And then when it came back, Russell [T Davies] asked me to write for it. And now I’ve been in it as well [as Professor Lazarus]. So it’s all fantastic – hah-hah!”

The BBC are planning to adapt his Lucifer Box novels, he will “possibly” write an episode for the fourth series of Doctor Who.

“To be able to sit down and write, ‘Interior: Tardis’. Or write a very spooky ghost story. They’re the same preoccupations I’ve had since I was little. That’s what makes me happy”.

Finally, have reported that mobile phone network O2 will bring mobile content from the BBC to it’s network of users.

Good news for O2 users, including my wife. Sadly, some blighter stole her phone recently, so I’m off to sort out the insurance paperwork.


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