No Introductions Necessary

With the Doctor stopping by the Titanic and dropping in on Agatha Christie in Series 4, would you be surprised to find out that there’s an anniversary tie in involved?

Before we get on to Christie, a welcome to Doctor Who proper for veteran actor Bernard Cribbins! Announced in Doctor Who Magazine (and recounted here):

“This is the icing on the cake, a wonderful addition to an already phenomenal cast,” producer Phil Collinson told Doctor Who Magazine. “It’s a wonderful cameo, which kept the entire cast and crew entertained.”

Ler’s face it, Bernard Cribbins, a man with Jackanory, the Wombles, The Railway Children and a side-splittingly funny turn in Fawlty Towers all small shards of a very long a distinguished career should have been in Doctor Who by now, other than Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD so it’s great to have him!

Meanwhile, it appears that the Doctor and Donna’s visit to the time of Agatha Christie is a very fortunate tie in, according to The Independent. Death on the Nile is 70 years old next week, and:

this being 2007, we will have Agatha Christie comic-strip books, a souped-up website with a new Death on the Nile game to download, and there’s even talk of an Agatha Christie doll. But busting the clapometer in youth-appeal is the placement of Christie herself in the next series of Doctor Who. She will be played by Fenella Woolgar, and Doctor Who’s producer, Russell T Davies, says that for the Doctor, the episode will be a “meeting of minds”. Since product placement is not (yet) officially allowed on TV, and there should be no commercial parrying on the BBC, we must assume that it’s not also the meeting of cheque books.

How convenient, then, that the good Doctor has coincidentally chosen Agatha Christie as a co-star when her brand is looking for a marketing fillip.

To tie in with the adventure as well, the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site have issued a new image of the Doctor and Donna, with the jilted mouthy one wearing a very nice 1920s outfit.

Finally, Big Brother news! I just know you’ve all been waiting for this bit, patiently scouring the boring stuff about some old actor and some bint in a wedding dress, but here we are at at last! It seems, as we enter the last week of Big Brother, that a Doctor Who fan named “Jonty” is in the house, and DrWho-Online have been backing the chap to win, reports The Star:

Cheeky fans have even compared Jonty’s rivals in the BB house to some of the Doc’s most famous enemies, including:

● Carole – The Yeti (hairy scary creature)

● The twins – Daleks (can’t tell them apart)

● Brian – Cyberman (not much up top)

●Liam – Sontaran (meat head)

● Ziggy – Auton (plastic)

Sebastian Brook, who runs, said: “We have launched a campaign to vote Jonty as the winner.

“Not a lot of viewers know what a huge fan of Doctor Who he is because Channel 4 haven’t been showing his chats to the housemates about the show.”

I’m delighted to see that Big Brother is still providing entertainment. After all, very soon he’s going to be in our houses with us…


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