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Doctor Who David Tennant has issued a statement of thanks in response to tributes from fans following the death of his mother last week, and the fundraising story has been picked up by BBC News.

This can only be a good thing, and a check of the current total of the fundraiser (courtesy of www.david-tennant.com) for the ACCORD hospice in Paisley shows that so far £ 5,269.50 has been raised, while the charity auction on eBay shows artwork by our very own Anthony Dry currently going for in excess of £150!

David’s note of thanks:

At this difficult time I can’t tell you what it means that you are doing this. Thanks to everyone who has been able to make a donation. I promise you, your money will be well spent.

love dt x

Meanwhile, BBC News report fundraising co-ordinator Helen McLauchlan as saying:

“I am sure she would have been quite overwhelmed at the response to her passing but would have been delighted at the funds raised in her memory.”

If you want to donate, visit JustGiving.com.

Meanwhile Kylie Minogue has been waitressing! From BBC News:

While filming a one-off Christmas special outside a Swansea hotel, an elderly customer apparently thought the singer was a member of staff.

“It was absolutely comical. Kylie is an international star but obviously this old dear didn’t know who she was.”

He added: “She said to Kylie: ‘Excuse me, love, is it too late for a cup of tea?’

“Kylie saw the funny side and just laughed.

“I don’t think she knew if the lady was serious or not and just carried on into the film set.”

Now there’s a waitress that you’d keep dropping your spoon for…

A recent announcement about an upcoming Doctor Who video game from Top Trumps has been met with a remarkable dirge of negagivity from Gamespot.com visitors. While Top Trumps are remaining tight lipped about the game, many posters have commented that it’s a bad idea, suggesting that the suggested concept of a video card game might be a bad one. As I said, Top Trumps have yet to announce any details, however one poster was particularly critical:


Do we really need to say that it will suck? Ok…it will suck. They tried Dr. Who games in the past and they sucked because no one has really tackled it how it should be tackled – a 3rd person adventure game with good puzzles. As other posters have already said, Dr. Who is largely about trying to find non-violent solutions to problems (ie, no fisticuffs or shooting), which makes it ideal for the Adventure genre.

It’s a good point, but at this stage unneccessary…

Finally, what happened to Mickey Smith? Well, he settled down in the alternative Earth, we presume, to look after Rose and be part of a family with her, Pete, Jackie and the baby. Or maybe not… Noel Clarke isn’t contributing a script to Torchwood Series 2. The reason?

He won’t say, reports SciFiWire

When asked whether he would be writing any more scripts, he was coy about his availability. “I’m not doing the second [season] of Torchwood,” he said. “Because I’m doing things that I can’t talk about.”

But surely Mickey is trapped in the other universe?

“It’s a parallel universe, baby,” he said. “The only thing I could say is that it’s sci-fi, right? And in sci-fi, there’s no real rules, is there?”

Hmmm… time will tell – it always does.


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