The Davros Code?

While Dennis Hopper has been debunked, we await confirmation of two new casting developments for Doctor Who Series 4 – Kenneth Branagh and Sir Ben Kingsley…

The likelihood of this is high, regardless of how bonkers it may seem, but coming after Simon Callow as Charles Dickens and Derek Jacobi as the Master it does indeed appear possible.

Both Branagh and Kingsley are renowned actors, Kingsley for his Oscar winning performance as Gandhi, and Branagh for his turns in the Harry Potter movies (although of course his career goes back years on stage and screen.

Kenneth BranaghThe rumours come courtesy of The Sun newspaper. We of course no longer link to them, but luckily Digital Spy are on hand to repeat the content. Kenneth Branagh first:

Kenneth Branagh is “dying” to appear in an episode of Doctor Who, according to reports.

The Sun quotes an insider on the series as stating that the 46-year-old actor and director “is a fan and would love a role” and has revealed his aspirations to friends.

Join the queue, Kenny.

As for Kingsley:

Sir Ben Kingsley

Sir Ben Kingsley is reportedly close to signing up to playing classic Doctor Who villain Davros – creator of the Daleks – in the next season of the cult show.

An insider told The Sun: “Ben’s agent has been in talks for a while now and he’s very keen to play the part of Davros. A deal will be signed any day now.”


Surely not? And if so, which one – pre-Genesis or post-Remembrance? The speculation has started already, and I suspect it will carry on until Series 4. However remember this – the impact of Davros and his importance to the show is more than just his being “creator of the Daleks”. Visually, the half man/half Dalek aspect of the character is what is important, causing many wet beds in the 1970s and 80s (sorry mum). We will reserve judgement…

Elsewhere, the SFX website reports that Doctor Who director Joe Ahearne is writing and directuing Apparitions, a new BBC two-parter starring Martin Shaw, previously of The Professionals and Judge John Deed.

Also Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleseton stars in The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, due out in October 2007.

Finally, massive congratulations for everyone involved in the ACCORD Fundraiser organised by, which has passed the £6000 mark! Anthony Dry’s artwork did phenomenally well, and now there’s the opportunity to bid for artist and illustrator Pete Wallbank to produce a piece of art of your choice!

Keep up the good work, all concerned.


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