Torchwood Catchup!

It’s time to catchup with some of the goings on in the Torchwood realm of the Whoniverse, courtesy of Kopic himself, Simon R. Mills.

Now that filming is well under way for the next series of Torchwood, we find that John Barrowman has been visiting CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (isn’t that a cocktail made with coconut rum and pineapple?) and there was a podcast on the subject, too, an excerpt of which is on YouTube (of course, it is – everything finds it’s way on to YouTube!) which also says you can download the whole thing from iTunes by searching for “LHC Podcast” or you can grab it from the site yourself.

Barrowman said “It’s nice to be able to see where all these questions that we have hopefully one day will be answered”

“And its nice to know that the scientists, the guys and girls who work here, still have questions too. No one knows the answer, that’s the good thing… except Captain Jack!”

Meanwhile, that cheeky scamp James Marsters (the mockney Spike from Buffy) revealed recently at the Fangoria convention, according to Torchwood.TV, that his episode would see his character doing something “omnisexual”. I’m wondering if this is a hint at a link to Capt Jack’s origins in the 50th century…? Or just more blatant attempts by the production team to shout to the world, “look we’re a grown up TV show!”? Also at Torchwood.TV we see that Torchwood Declassified is to get a new producer next year.

I’ll finish my first set of round-up duties for Kasterborous with this quote from this rather good article in iF Magazine, on the new series being aired in the US,

While it’s not the best season of DOCTOR WHO thus far, it features the best performances of any lead in this series to date – and just like sex, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty damn good.

Look out – the Aussies are coming! Although New Zealander Alan Dale, who will be appearing in Series 2 of Torchwood might be upset at being lumped in with the Aussies! He’s an excellent character actor and has been very busy since his Australian soap opera days, appearing in Ugly Betty, CSI: Miami, Lost, NCIS, The O.C., ER, 24… and the list goes on. What with Kylie already on board (see, I made another nautical joke!) and Jason Donovan reported as wanting to be the next Doctor, one wonders where it will all end? I vote for Dame Edna Everage as The Rani. Hmmm, Natalie Imbruglia as the companion after the next, anyone? There’s a round-up of Australian media coverage of Series 3 of Doctor Who at Outpost Gallifrey.

The self-same article from the BBC Press Office about Series 2 of Torchwood goes on to mention James Marsters as a naughty psychopath. Couple this together with the statement that the team encounter a rogue Time Agent and Mr Marsters’ own confession at a recent convention that he would be getting up to some omnisexual shenanigans in this series, it seems quite evident that he will be playing the Time Agent. John Barrowman, in an excellent interview with The Chicago Tribune, says this,

“There’s a scene between he and Jack when they first meet, all I’ll say is, this scene is so hot, so horny, so violent, that all the fans who watch it are going to [er, appreciate it greatly].”

You may want to go and read this piece at the Sci Fi Wire site for some more raunchy details about this James Marsters and John Barrowman stuff. There’s more interviews at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Multichannel News.

As Kasterborous exclusively revealed, Titan will be publishing a Torchwood magazine heading our way in January, presumably to tie-in with the new series which will include comic book content. Titan also hold the rights to produce graphic novels, so we could see the comic book content from the magazine republished as graphic novels.

The John Barrowman takeover of the universe continues… Not only has he got a new four album record deal with Sony, but he’s also hosting a pilot for a new quiz and guest hosting The Friday Night Project! The following is from The Daily Record,

Although he is filming the second series of Torchwood until November, John will take time off to guest host Channel 4’s Friday Night Project next week. And he will host a pilot for a possible new BBC One Saturday night quiz show called The Kids Are All Right. As if all that wasn’t enough, John is being followed by his sister [Carole E. Barrowman – Kopic] who is writing his biography, Anything Goes, which is due out next spring.

You can read a great story about John as written by Carole here and we’ll let John have the last words in this buleting, as quoted in the same Daily Record article from above,

“The weird thing is with Doctor Who star David Tennant, when we are off-set we speak Scottish but when we go on-set he’s English and I’m American. It’s like being bilingual. We call it bi-dialectical. There is a lot of “bi” in me.”

First published on Kasterborous as part of Kopic’s Doctor Who Newsround, July 2007


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