Blinking Good!

Five months after broadcast and the Doctor Who episode Blink is still gathering fans and admirers the world over!

Closer to home first, however, is the Guardian‘s Anna Pickard, who first of all refers to the recent poll in “Doctor Who And The Big Scary Monsters magazine”, known to us as Doctor Who Adventures, and then goes on to compliment Steven Moffat (I think):

Blimey. Yes though, it was good. So good that several months later, I’m still reminded of it by random things, I’m still in awe of Steven Moffat, and I’m – most importantly – still waiting for something else to come along and show me that we can produce a consistent series of programme that is meant entirely for grown-ups. And no, Jekyll wasn’t it. Sorry, Steve.

Elsewhere that nice lady at reckons she knows why Blink is so damned popular:

Fandom loves “Blink” because it’s about fandom, about being a fan (just like last season’s “Love and Monsters”). From the opening teaser, of Sally discovering the message from the Doctor scrawled on the wall — what fan wouldn’t love to get a personal message from the Doctor? — to all the stuff about the Internet going wild over the DVD easter eggs, to Sally and Larry finally leaving it all behind and, ahem, getting a life, this is about our relationship with the Doctor, our obsession with him (sometimes to, um, an unhealthy degree).

Interesting point… there are a lot of unhealthy obsessions about Doctor Who out there, I mean, just look at the number of websites, eh…?

Elsewhere, be nice at coffee time – you never know who miht be popping round. Last week, Cardiff Blues stars had coffee with a Dalek and a Cyberman at Cardiff’s Doctor Who Exhibition at the Red Dragon Centre, reports, to promote the Macmillan “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” which is taking place next Friday, September 28th – so make sure you take part in your neck of the woods…

Finally, how crap does someone have to be before people who should know better start appearing alongside them? I was GUTTED to see that David Tennant is appearing on the Ricky Gervais effort Extras, as reported here. Come on David, are you really going to let this tragically unfunny little guy hang on to your coattails to raise his own profile?

Gervais’ anachronistic appearances in recent movies (A Night at the Museum, for instance) will appear in 5 years time as ridiculous as Phil Silvers in Carry On Up the Khyber, and Gervais’ brown-nosing interview with Christopher Guest shown earlier this year paints a man who clearly isn’t as original as everyone thinks, and not half as clever as he likes to think, to the obvious amusement of the Spinal Tap man.


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