Hello, Sarah Jane!

With Sarah Jane Smith due back on our screens in a little over 7 days time, let’s have a look around at the buildup for Sarah Jane Adventures!

Lis Sladen looks in great shape, and as an older actress leading a sci fi adventure series might just put to rest Russell T Davies’ assertion that the Doctor can’t be played by an over 40 anymore.

Digital Spy recently quoted Lis Sladen as being extremely excited about the series, and for viewers to finally look into the life of Sarah Jane Smith (or "Sarah" as the Fourth Doctor invariably called her…)

"It’s great to be back enjoying Sarah Jane with some fantastic new adventures,"

"There’s still so much more to find out about her after all these years. I hope that viewers have as much fun watching the series as I did making it."

Elsewhere, Ms Smith has turned up in The Telegraph of all places. In the article, Sladen recalls being invited to lunch by RTD:

‘I did that episode, School Reunion, and I thought what a lovely end for my character,’ says Sladen. ‘Then, as Torchwood was coming out, I got a call saying Russell [T Davies – Doctor Who’s executive producer] would like to take me out for lunch to talk about something else. I thought, "I’m going to be in Torchwood." And he said: "We want to do a series called The Sarah Jane Adventures." I absolutely didn’t see it coming.’

Sladen says she’d have been miffed if another of the Doctor’s human companions had been brought back for a spin-off series, instead of her character. ‘I would be p***** off to my socks. I would have said, "Well, they know what they’re doing," but I would have secretly thought, "Oh, what a mistake they’ve made."’

Elsewhere, Lis Sladen’s secret past before Doctor Who has been investigated! It seems that she was briefly in Coronation Street in the early 1970s, reports The Press Association

"I didn’t expect to get the job, so was stunned when I was cast as Len Fairclough’s girlfriend,"

… and research at IMDb reveals she played Anita Reynolds in 1970. Sladen also appeared as fruit shop girl Judy in Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em in 1973, in an episode where Frank has to fend for himself while Betty is in hospital, with hilarious consequences.

Finally, a visit to the BBC’s redesigned Sarah Jane Adventures website is a must, with a greater attention paid to usability and less "trying to hard" with the concept of Mr Smith which on first look for the deisgner must have been one of those ideas that looks great on paper but is hell to implement.

Like the British Government and IT projects, for instance…

The Sarah Jane Adventures starts on Monday 24 September on BBC1 at 5.00pm – YEY!


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