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The BBC have announced details of a new trio of original Doctor Who books all starring the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones for release in Spring 2008.

Martha in the Mirror by Justin Richards is centred around the signing of a peace treaty in a mysterious and haunted castle; Snowglobe 7 by Mike Tucker sees the Doctor and Martha visiting a relocated polar ice cap as something begins to stir; finally, The Many Hands by Dale Smith is set in Edinburgh 1759, at the terrible Nor’ Loch.

An interesting set of themes – while reading them will reveal the truth, could it be that the BBC novels are growing up slightly?

Victria Brignell has announced to the world through the pages of The New Statesman (that’ the magazine, not the Rik Mayall series) that people have been

suffering from an uncomfortable and distressing condition. It’s known in medical circles as Doctor Who withdrawal syndrome (DWWS)

The point of the article pleasingly is, however, not a made-up condition and general whine about missing the show, but an interesting look into how Doctor Who addresses issues such as disability (Brignell herself is a wheelchair user) and difference.

Let’s face it, only in Doctor Who could you find a 1930’s New York cabaret singer called Tallulah choosing to form a relationship with a man so facially disfigured by the Daleks that he resembles a pig (as happened in the episode “The evolution of the Daleks” this year). The Doctor doesn’t regard diversity as a problem but as a concept to be welcomed and valued. That’s a philosophy which potentially benefits everyone, and not just disabled people like myself.

That last point is an interesting view on an action of the Doctor’s in Series 3 that has been widely discussed and compared to the fate of Elton’s paving slab in Love and Monsters – in fact it’s a current subject in our forum thread Code of Ethics (you must login to the Forum to view – registration is quick and easy with a valid email address).

Elsewhere the BBC Official Doctor Who site has announced that the competition jointly held by the Blast and Doctor Who has reached a climax and that they have finally found the next Doctor Who online game. Five finalists pitched their ideas to a panel of experts, and one, Colin, won with his concept for a game called “Doctor in a Dash”. He’ll be involved with the development of the game, which will be available on the BBC Doctor Who pages later this year.


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