No More Susie? have reported on an interview with Julie Gardner on the iF website, in which the Executive Producer of Torchwood and Doctor Who claims there will be no more Susie Costello in Series 2.

Among a whole host of questions on Doctor Who and Torchwood, Julie states:

iF: Any chance of the Suzie Costello character coming back again on TORCHWOOD?

GARDNER: Suzie, no. No more Suzie. She died quite a lot in season one, so I think we’ve brutalized her more than enough.

There’s also a bit more information about James Marsters’ appearance in Torchwood as Time Agent..

F: James Marsters is on TORCHWOOD this season as well?

GARDNER: He was in Cardiff, and has been quite an exciting time for Cardiff recently. James Marsters was there for TORCHWOOD; Kylie Minogue is there for DOCTOR WHO. Cardiff has been quite exciting.

iF: James posted on his online blog that people might get a little excited about his interaction with John Borrowman?

GARDNER: Yeah, they’re a sexy couple. James Marsters’ character explains some secrets and things about Captain Jack’s past.

iF: Are you going to back on TORCHWOOD and fill in some more of Captain Jack’s past this season?

GARDNER: Yeah we are, we’re going to learn more about Jack’s past from his childhood and his years on Earth before TORCHWOOD.

Torchwood writer and producer Chris Chibnall recently appeared in a podcast for, discussing Torchwood and television sci-fi.

As reported in the last Spin-off’s News, Freema Agyeman began shooting her three Torchwood episodes in late July, and have raised an interesting point – is Martha appearing in the same episodes as James Marsters (ex of Buffy)? All will be revealed…

Finally, it is about time, but we’re sad to report that John Barrowman has been slapped with an Ofcom ban that stipulates he must appear in more episodes of Torchwood before being allowed to appear as a guest on anything at all.

Hah! Not really, it is of course another bonkers “news” item from


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