Sarah Jane is Here!

This evening sees the long awaited Doctor Who spinoff Sarah Jane Adventures finally reach our screens!

Thankfully no one in the press has commented upon the series being around 27 years too late – of course there’s 10 weeks of Sonic Lipstick tinged adventure to get through first, but on the face of things the series looks promising, and you can’t deny that quality of the creative team behind the series.

Speaking to the BBC’s Official Doctor Who site, Executive Producer Russell T Davies suggested there’s still lots to learn about the Doctor’s favourite (and no, I haven’t forgotten Rose…) companion:

"Can you believe it’s 34 years since we first saw Sarah Jane Smith on screen?," Executive Producer Russell told us. "And there’s still so much to learn about the character. She’s got a family now, which means carrying on the Doctor’s legacy but having to look after others.

"Of course, the character’s longevity is in no small part down to the brilliant Lis Sladen who knows Sarah Jane inside out," he added. "But the whole cast is amazing. And I can promise long-term fans of the show a few cheeky nods to the past."

Elsewhere, CBBC Newsround‘s Doctor Who fan-in-chief Lizo has already seen the first episode of Sarah Jane Adventures.

The Sarah Jane Adventures is a wonderfully-written, slick programme that’s great entertainment for both kids and adults.

No surprises for guessing who the villains are in this first two part episode, which is called Revenge of the Slitheen. The farting aliens with their human body suits are back and have got deadly plans for the planet.

There are two things that make the Sarah Jane Adventures special. Firstly, the spot-on performance from the kids – Yasmin Paige, Thomas Knight and Daniel Anthony.

Secondly, this episode’s sparkling script from Gareth Roberts… has just the right balance of scares and laughs and surprises.

So – what can we expect from Revenge of the Slitheen? From the BBC Programe Information:

Sarah Jane Smith, investigative journalist and former companion to The Doctor, is back in a brand-new CBBC drama from the makers of Doctor Who. And in the first two-part story of the series she faces some familiar alien enemies of The Doctor as the Slitheen are back and out for revenge…

On their first day at their new school Maria and Luke soon realise that all is not as it seems. There’s a funny smell, the food keeps going off, the teachers keep farting and the new technology block is hiding some dark secrets.

With their suspicions aroused, Sarah Jane, Maria and Luke set about investigating, joined by their new friend Clyde. They soon discover that the Slitheen have disguised themselves as teachers as part of a deadly plan which threatens the future of the Earth.

But as Maria, Luke and Clyde become trapped in the new technology block in the clutches of the Slitheen and with Sarah Jane under attack from another of the alien monsters, will the gang be able to stop the Slitheen before it’s too late?

It all looks very exciting, and I’ll certainly be tuning in at 5pm tonight, Monday 24th September, on BBC One.

Welcome back, Sarah Jane!


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