Sarah & the Slitheen

We thought they would be back in Sarah Jane Adventures – and they are! Should we welcome the Slitheen, though…

If the New Years day special is anything to go by, Sarah Jane Adventures is very much a kids view of the Doctor Who universe, perfect for the CBBC channel so what better place to find the Slitheen, the most flatulent of Doctor Who aliens, who first appeared in against the Ninth Doctor in Aliens of London?

Sarah Jane Adventures is set for broadcast in late September, and the BBC Press Office has released a nice chunk of information about the series. The first episode of the series is Revenge of the Slitheen, in which Sarah Jane’s young friends discover the Slitheen are disguised as teachers…

Elisabeth Sladen says: “It’s great to be back enjoying Sarah Jane with some fantastic new adventures. There’s still so much more to find out about her after all these years.

“I hope that viewers have as much fun watching the series as I did making it.”

Russell T Davies describes the series as “ten full-blooded episodes of excitement and danger, headlined by a truly excellent cast”, and of course the episode is written by Gareth Roberts who was also responsible for Invasion of the Bane on New Years Day.

Despite their obvious comedic leanings as characters, I wasn’t too offended by the Slitheen, although I felt they had a finite lifespan in Doctor Who which thankfully the production team also realised. As is evident from the image above they’ve had a bit of a reworking, so we should safely suppose that these Raxacoricofallapatorians will provide the required degree of fun to the first installment of Sarah Jane Adventures!

(Incidentally, big up respect to who correctly predicted months ago of the Slitheen’s presence in Sarah Jane Adventures – we believed you!)

Sarah Jane Adventures is part of the revamped CBBC, whose new logo was revealed recently when the channel was relaunched on September 3rd. There’s a look at the logo at, an excellent source (if you hadn’t already gathered as such) of Sarah Jane Adventures news.

The latest addition to the Doctor Who universe is running at 10 episodes. Early rumours suggested there may be a Christmas special, however this doesnt seem to be the case. A second series is being planned, however, as reported by, although this is of course dependant on the success of the first series.


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