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As mentioned at the weekend in the Kasterborous Forum, SFX have reported on the upcoming Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia by Gary Russell will contain a set of Series 4 hints in the form of items that will make an appearance in the next edition of the book…

There have been severeal attempts at a Doctor Who encylopedia in the past, most famously Jean-Marc Lofficier’s Universal Databank (now available online) which, when the final edition was published, covered the full 26 years of the original series. So you want to see the list from the Gary Russell book here? Ok then:

Adipose [tissue made up mainly of fat cells]


Blyton, Enid [the Famous Five author!]

Caravaggio, Daniel [not the painter! His first name was Michelangelo…]

Century House [there’s a well-known building in Vancouver called this, but we’re guessing that’s entirely coincidental]

Chandrakala, Miss

Foss Street

Gray, Private

ICAPS [probably not The International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling… unless it’s a really dull episode!]

Major Domo [dictionary definition: “The head steward or butler in the household of a sovereign or great noble”]

Noble Corporation PLC Limited – Intergalactic [Hey, isn’t Donna’s surname Noble?]

Passenger 57 [the Wesley Snipes movie about terrorists taking control of a jet?! Huh? Maybe it’s Donna’s favourite film…]

Peth, Astrid

Rattigan, Mrs


Red Widow, The [a character name? Or a type of spider?]

Scoles, Mr [can’t be ginger footballer Paul, sadly, cos it’s spelt wrong…]

Sense-Sphere [that’s the homeworld of The Sensorites…]

Sibylline Oracles [a complicated one to explain – read more here]

Silicon Valley [the high-tech-business sector in California, of course]

Skree, Lt

Spartacus [the gladiator-slave who led an uprising against the Romans. Anyone get the feeling there’s going to be a Roman episode?]

Spectre Inspectre



Vespiform [means “wasp-like”, basically]

It is of course quite a list, one which could be open to all forms of speculation (naturally the writer’s intention…), much of which is discussed here

Here’s an interesting one – Yahoo Picks have interviewed Dr Siobhan Morgan (known to veteran online Doctor Who fans as simply Siobhan Morgan, creator of what is widely considered to be the very first Doctor Who page on the WWW back in 1993 (via For me in particular, this was an interesting little interview, as at one point (and still, to the extent of historical value) Morgan’s site was a damned good source. I personally remember stumbling upon it in 1996 during a visit to a friend studying at Sheffield University. Here’s a wee snippet:

What’s been the most surprising thing that’s happened in your years running the site?

Easily the most amazing thing that happened was when a fan from Australia sent me a video clip that he recorded from his television. The clip was a promo for an episode of Doctor Who on some Australian station and it included “If you would like to learn more about Doctor Who, just go to this web site:” That really surprised me. This was before the BBC had really put any time into their official site.

If you’ve never seen this website before, follow this here link, old china.


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