The Lost RTD Scrolls?

A certain ancient document has come to the attention of the Kasterborous editors, which could very well be an early – and hitherto undiscovered – correspondence between Doctor Who Executive Producer Russell T Davies… and Doctor Who Monthly!

Black RTD Scrolls 1Thanks to Kasterborous Forum member and Editor of Black Scrolls Magazine Gareth Kavanagh/Prof Peach, we can reveal that Davies – as it seems likely it was he – found issue 55 a “very gratifying experience”:

The magazine has been excellent from the start, but at last, since issue 50 or so, it has truly found its own voice, with a perfect balance of articles. From now on, provided there are no massive alterations, you can take the superlatives for granted.

Come on – it HAS to be him! The letter is signed “Rusl Davies, W. Glamorgan” – Russell T Davies was born in Swansea, a town in Glamorgan. It’s worth noting the mature tone to the letter – Davies was born in 1963, so would have been in his late teens early twenties when the letter was printed.

Here’s some more:

I simply must comment on “The End of the Line”. I’ve always concentrated more on the articles than the comic strip, but this was outstanding. The ending was surprising, if not shocking, and very moving indeed, and gave us a very different perspective on the travels of the Doctor. This was undoubtedly the best tale since “Star-Beast”, but you haven’t told us who wrote it! Credit where credit’s due, I always say…

I can see the cigarette burning in the ashtray as Russell typed away on his typewriter, I really can. The End of the Line, incidentally, is described on Doctor Who Guide as follows:

Black RTD Scrolls 2

The TARDIS materializes in the subway system of a dystopian city, where years of industrial pollution have transformed the street gangs into cannibal mutants. The Doctor is saved from the cannibals by the Guardian Angels, the few remaining “normal” humans, and taken to their headquarters; there, an elderly engineer is trying to repair the connections which will take the Angels out of the city to the fabled Countryside.

Utopia springs to mind… Interesting that a letter in the most recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine raises similarities between The Flood from 2004/2005 and the conclusions to Series 1 and 2 – come on Russell, credit where credit’s due!

Back to the letter:

I wonder what you’re going to do with the strip when Peter Davison takes over – surely he’ll damage possible reprints of the Doctor in America, as they won’t have seen him.

Ah, that classic Russell T Davies brand awareness seeping through in 1981!


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