Anyone seen the Doctor?

Ninth Doctor and Heroes guest star Christopher Eccleston has given a rare interview to the Daily Record, in which he talks about his work in the USA, and upcoming feature The Dark is Rising.

In The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, Eccleston plays the evil Rider in the adaptation of Susan Cooper’s acclaimed novel:

“I’d never heard of the books, but as a child I was one of those who was hugely passionate about The Lord of the Rings.

“I understand the passion people feel for these books, but I think they should be left for childhood. People say The Lord of the Rings were the greatest novels ever written, but no, they’re not; they’re childhood.

“But I read the book for this and enjoyed it very much, and obviously it’s close tome because it’s couched in Celtic mysticism and it’s a very, very intensely British book.”

His role as an evil horseman also allowed Christopher to become a bit of an action hero, although obviously a baddie action hero.

He joked: “The stunt men did easy stuff and I did the dangerous stuff.”

Chris is also planning his own appearance in one of Shakespeare’s quintessential works… Macbeth!

He admitted: “It is something I’ve wanted to do since I was 17. But we have to pull a deal together.”

As David Tennant is taking time out to play Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company next year we could see two Doctors in the house, at least in the theatres they will be performing in.

Oh surely there’s mention of Doctor Who in this interview? Indeed there is…

He said: “99 percent of the dramas I’ve made have been for adults, and this was a real opportunity to try something new. I’ve had experience of making drama for children with Doctor Who. I think it’s important if we can provide complexity and grey areas rather than just a funfair ride. That’s what appeals to me.

While Scot David Tennant has become an even bigger Doctor there have always been questions about why Christopher took on the role just to quit so quickly.

All he will say is that he “was very proud to play the Doctor”

Incidentally, if you ever encounter Christopher Eccleston in a pub, give him some space, or talk football.


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