Companion Crazy (- MAJOR Spoiler)

Over the last week to ten days, rumours have persisted of a return to Doctor Who buy Billie Piper. Then a few days later there was suggestions of a return by other previous companions…

Bearing in mind that as far back as August Noel Clarke was hinting at working on Doctor Who sometime in the next year – and that a return for Mickey could hardly omit a return for Rose,and indeed here family – and that Lis Sladen is already busy at work being Sarah Jane Smith and John Barrowman is in Cardiff often filming Torchwood… well, you can see where I am going with this can’t you?

That’s right. It’s The Five Doctors, RTD-style. Well, it might me. According to The Daily Star:

DOCTOR Who bosses are set to call back FOUR of the Time Lord’s favourite assistants – including Billie Piper – for a sensational showdown.

The old cast members will be reunited to help the Doc fight evil Dalek creator Davros in an explosive finale to the next series. Even the Time Lord’s dog K-9 will make an appearance.

“Fans will be thrilled,” said a senior TV source. “With four of the Doctor’s assistants in one show it’s a dream come true.”

Leading the way in the line-up will be Billie, 25, as Rose Tyler along with the rest of the Tyler family – mum Jackie (Camille Coduri, 41), dad Pete (Shaun Dingwall, 37) and boyfriend Mickey (Noel Clarke, 31). They will hook up with the Tardis traveller’s latest assistants Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman, 28) and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate, 39).

Also on hand to help out the Doc (David Tennant, 36) will be his old companion Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen, 59) as well as Torchwood boss Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman, 40).

The TV source said: “This is the daddy of all shows. The writer Russell T Davies really wants to pull out all the stops for the finale next year.”

So if it’s in the Daily Star, and its a rumour, why are we reporting it? Well, in our role of reporting everything of interest to Doctor Who fans that appears in the national press, we felt that under the circumstances – three sources giving the same information – this information is going to be common knowledge very soon, as fans photograph the vrious stars on set.

The implications of such a massive get together in Doctor Who’s 45th year shouldn’t be overlooked either; as to whether its a good idea dragging the Tyler’s out of their alt.universe or not is another matter entirely.


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