Cut it Out!

All summer I’ve been reading with interest the opinions on Doctor Who S3 by blogger MaryAnn Johanson, a passionate blogger on I’ve laughed and cried with her, but this week I was close to calling her to make sure she was OK.

Why? Well, her in review for Last of the Time Lords it seems the episode was apparently cut several times for it’s Sci Fi Channel broadcast, in particular the opening sequence as the Master (John Simm) pirouettes around the Valiant with the Doctor in a wheelchair…

It’s a brilliant evocation of the Master’s insanity — John Simm is hilarious and terrifying at the same time — and it sets up the whole episode, thematically and plotwise and everything. And it’s nowhere to be found in the Sci Fi Channel version. Disgusting! Bullshit!

It’s such a fantastic scene, and I keep watching it over and over. Oh, and have I mentioned? I’m now madly in love with John Simm — not the Master, of course, he’s demented, but Simm? Sure. Perhaps not quite as madly as I’m in love with David Tennant, but still.

And that’s before she gets onto the bit with Francine Jones and the gun missing from broadcast. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to have taken much notice of the missing year…

Elsewhere a certain Steven Moffat is apparently Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg’s choice of writer for their trilogy of Tintin films, reports The films are being produced by Kathleen Kennedy, and directed one each by Spielberg, Jackson and and as yet unnamed third director.

As it’s soon Christmas, there must be some clue as to what will be this years best-selling toy – and there’s a good chance the Doctor has a fight on his hands from the giant robots The Transformers. (incidentally, the Doctor has shared a universe with the Transformers – in the days when DWM was a Marvel publication, the Seventh Doctor appeared in the first Death’s Head comic series; this incarnation of Death’s Head was created as a bounty hunter robot character in the Marvel UK version of The Transformers sent to track down and kill Galvatron…)

But I digress. Can an Optimus Prime voice-changer helmet beat the Doctor? We shall see…

October 1st saw the third Regenerations convention taking place in Swansea, Wales. Reports suggest over 250 fans visited, with guests including Colin Baker, Julian Glover and the amazing Anneke Wills. However there is some bad news – despite the success of the event over the recent years, there is no event planned in 2008 – but organiser Cary Woodward promises more for 2009!

“I’m taking a break for a year because I’ve got a lot of work commitments on.

“We are going to bring it back in 2009 when we will be doing something special. It will fit in quite nicely because of the break until the new series.It is a lot of planning, but it is worthwhile in the end.”

“I’m hoping to get some headliners, maybe John Simm who recently played The Master.

“It will be back.” he added.

And I’ll be back later on with news of a new addition to the Doctor Who Series 4 cast.


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