‘Ellow Oim Dayvid Tinnent!

Tenth Doctor Who David Tennant is to eschew his native Scotland and become a Brummie! Well, not really, but he is taking lessons from comedian Frank Skinner in order to polish up his Birmingham-region accent… according to The People, at any rate.

It seems that David Tennant got tongue-tied when asked to do a Midland accent for a play he was appearing in, but luckily bumped into Sandwell-born Frank Skinner when they turned up at the same radio station:

Tennant said: “I really enjoy doing accents but the only one I did have a bit of difficulty with was Birmingham.

“Luckily when I got to the stuzio [sic] Frank was there which helped a lot!”

The timelord added: “Accents and dialects are good because they give you a way of changing yourself externally which allows you to key into a kind of internal shift – this helps a lot with building a role.

And speaking of Doctor Who actors James Nesbitt says… he isn’t interested. Speaking to The Belfast Telegraph:

The father of two dashed sci-fi fans’ hopes that he would become the first Dr Who with a Northern Ireland accent.

The 42-year-old Cold Feet star said he had heard the rumours, but said: ” There is no truth in it at all.

“David (Tennant) and Chris (Eccleston) were so good I don’t think I could follow them. I think I would be found out!” he joked.

When asked if he would consider the role if approached by Dr Who creators, he said: “I think not.”

Yes. Sci-fi fans everywhere are indeed slitting their wrists in horror and depression at the news that James “one-trick” Nesbitt won’t be Doctor Who.

Doncha love the press?

Finally, back to Oor David, who it seems really did harbour aspirations to play the Doctor. As reported by Outpost Gallifrey a copy of a school magazine has been uncovered, in which the then David MacDonald talks…:

The “Grammarian” article says: “There is however one particular role which David would love to play – Dr. WHO. The reason? ‘I have a fettish [sic] about men dressed in plastic suits !!!!’ ” It concludes: “Who knows, maybe one day David will be as famous as Peter Howitt (Joey, from “BREAD”) who was also a pupil at Paisley Grammar School.”

Peter who?

Err.. Peter Howitt, the multi-award winning screen-writer and director of Sliding Doors. Quite famous…


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