Write for Doctor Who?

Do YOU want to write for Doctor Who? Need help writing a screenplay as you have no experience in these things? Then look no further than Philip Gladwin – then have a good long think about whether it really is for you, ignoring the hype, then proceed.

Apparently How to Write a Screenplay for Doctor Who – Insider Information is a ‘Mentor Package from Philip Gladwin, writer on Doctor Who’s superb new spin-off show ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ – hmm, my spider sense is tingling already.

By spending a less than reasonable $97, this multi book and CD course contains a p”owerful step by step method detailing how to write a screenplay”.

It takes screenwriters all the way from generating the initial concepts through to the end of their first draft. Screenwriting Goldmine was set up in January 2007 to create a go-to internet location for quality screenwriting advice and discussion. The Screenwriting Goldmine How To Write Screenplays textbook was launched in June, and an enhanced package is to be launched 4th October 2007.

Upon purchasing this, fifty screenwriters will win a unique interactive ‘Mentor Package from Philip Gladwin, writer on Doctor Who’s new spin-off show The Sarah Jane Adventures. To promote the launch of this fabulous new series Gladwin is offering the first fifty purchasers of his Screenwriting Goldmine one whole year’s of up-to-the-minute inside tips and priceless one-on-one email assistance.

Of course, we all know that you don’t call RTD – he calls you. The tone of this marketting campaign is misleading in the extreme, and I urge extreme caution to you if you’re not already a working writer. There’s no doubt excellent tips within, but if you’re Daryyl Everyman and fancy a bash at writing a Doctor Who script, it simply isn’t going to be accepted whether you take this course or not without experience of working in television.

After all, whether you have heard of Gladwin or not (I haven’t), it seems that In the last year Philip has written a double feature length murder mystery for Lynda La Plante and her Trial & Retribution series, a set of five plays for BBC radio, and two episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures.

“The take up of the first version of Screenwriting Goldmine was rapid and the response simply amazing. The new package contains even more insider information on how to write a screenplay. At each stage readers are given the most powerful writing techniques I know. They inevitably start writing in a way that will get them real results. It’s incredibly rewarding to see, and the attention I can offer through the email Mentor program means questions get answered on an individual basis.”

Now I’m not saying that Philip Gladwin is some sort of con artists – he has been a screenwriter and script editor for both the BBC and ITV since the 1990s.

He was a staff writer for The Bill for two years, and other writing credits include Holby, Grange Hill, and the BBC’s drama/doc strand What If…?. His script editing credits include work on Doctor Who director Joe Ahearne’s movie Trance. He has also been nominated twice for the Dennis Potter Award by top indie television production company World Productions. This Mentor program is a rare opportunity for an unrepresented screenwriter to get an inside chennel to this level of skilled editorial support.

Just make sure you know what you’re spending your money on, and what you’re really going to get out of it…


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