Tennant Talks Tennant

Tonight sees the broadcast of Learners, a driving lesson comedy starring David Tennant and his Human Nature co-star Jessica Hynes, and the Doctor Who star has been talking to The Daily Telegraph’s Neil Midgley.

So, it’s about a lady (Hynes, who also wrote the script and accompanying song) who has failed her driving test 8 times and lives in a caravan – but what about her saviour, David Tennant’s driving instructor character?

‘I play Chris,’ says Tennant. ‘He’s a driving instructor, he’s a very decent chap. He’s perhaps not the most glamorous man alive, but he’s very dependable. His confidence as a driving instructor is not matched by his confidence as a human being, really. But he’s a passionate driving instructor, he’s very good at it, and it’s vocational for him.’

Chris’s character is also rounded by the fact that he is a devout Christian. ‘What’s nice about the way Jessica’s written it is that that doesn’t become a reason to laugh at him,’ says Tennant. ‘I think it just brings an integrity to him. It gives him a kind of moral compass and clarity of purpose. And a lack of vanity perhaps.’

Driving eh… I wonder, does the much-loved David Tennant have any experience with driving, or indeed speed cameras?

‘I do have more speeding points than are entirely practical – but that’s only because I’m up and down on the M4 to Cardiff [where Doctor Who is filmed] a lot. They have draconian speeding fines. There’ll have been some work going on three weeks previously, so there’s one sign saying ‘You should be going at 50 miles an hour here’ and then 18 cameras to make sure that when inevitably you don’t, with nobody else on the road at 3am, they can charge you hundreds and hundreds of pounds for the privilege.’

Ha! He really is human after all… then again, that sounds like revolutionary talk to me, and that can only mean one thing – David Tennant IS the Doctor!

While a touted as a comedy-drama, the various content matter within might make it difficult for it all to work and remain watchable for the full hour.

You can catch Learners this evening on BBC one at 9pm. Personally, unless you’re a complete DT slut, I would recommend instead ITV1’s My Boy Jack starring Daniel Radcliffe.


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