Religious Nuts Diss Doctor

Lo! The voice of moral righteousness has spoken out to guide us from the blasphemous sin that is Voyage of the Damned!

Because the respectable son of a senior Scottish churchman would do that, in a family show on Christmas Day, wouldn’t he?

What am I on about? Well who else but Stephen Green, leader of the so called “Christian Voice” (I present their link for the interests of journalistic integrity and balance, and no other reason) – not to be confused with “my voice”.

Writer Russell T Davies defended the use of the imagery in the episode, saying: “The series lends itself to religious iconography because the Doctor is a proper saviour. He saves the world through the power of his mind and passion.”

But group Christian Voice insisted that the Doctor is nothing like a Messiah. Director of the organisation, Stephen Green, said: “The Doctor would have to do a lot more than the usual prancing around to be a messiah. He has to save people from their sins.”

This is utter nonsense, and not worthy of the column inches afforded it earlier in the week. Green is a master of media manipulation, having already hijacked BBC Two’s broadcast of Jerry Springer the Opera to promote the fascistic tendencies of his group – a step up the ladder of evil from the National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association of Mary Whitehouse.

Furthermore to go to the efforts of completely misinterpreting and misrepresenting one of the most popular television programs (a piece of science fiction entertainment, not a body of work attempting to guide people’s lives) is pretty low in a world such as ours, where police powers are increasing, warmongers command the most powerful military in history, former prime ministers wantonly fulfill end-times prophecies seemingly for a laugh and people are dying of starvation, women and children are sold for sex and far worse national leaders than Saddam Hussein are allowed to remain in power.

If, Stephen Green, you really need to shout your mouth off about what is and isn’t right, perhaps you would be better served doing it in these slightly more important areas??


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