Roasting Reaction

While general reaction to Voyage of the Damned was wholly positive, there have been a few mutterings of discontent across the World Wide Web, reflected in the Times’ review of the Doctor Who Christmas Special

Reviewer/columnist Tim Teeman really dishes the dirt on the latest installments of the Time Lord’s adventures, although one does wonder if he was actually paying attention.


Kylie was fine, but rather like Doctor Who, this capped off a year for her where the nation’s love and adulation has reached a kind of unmerited zenith

Not with you there… Series 3 was far superior to Series 1 and 2, Teeman, so what are you on about here?

David Tennant did his cheeky-chappy thing, explaining complicated sci-fi stuff as if he was ordering a bag of chips – this shtick is becoming charmless rather than charming.

No, not with you there, either. In fact what exactly is your point? Ah, here it comes:

Doctor Who is now a national treasure of which no ill must be spoken, but for me the show and character has become lazy, predictable and indulgent; as evidenced in that ridiculous “I’m the Timelord, I’m 903 years old” rallying speech last night. The imminent arrival of Catherine Tate as the Doctor’s new assistant will hopefully undercut the self-love sinking the Tardis.

Now this is interesting. There is a certain aspect of Doctor Who 21st century style that is pretty formulaic, and that seems to be what Teeman (surely a Doctor Who character himself…?) is referring to. However calling the show “lazy, predictable and indulgent” 6 months after Blink and Human Nature is pretty insane, frankly.

It isn’t just the Times, however. The Mirror felt it their place to bring Doctor Who to book, with Kevin O’Sullivan asking yesterday:

With due respect to the many millions who believe the Time Lord and his deep space adventures are simply out of this world, isn’t it all just a tiny bit crap?

However in typical tabloid fashion, O’Sullivan is onto a loser from the start. Put simply, his argument is based on classic Who.


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