Barrowman: Eccleston is Angsty

He Dances. He sings. He’s got a hit TV show, a book, AND he invents words! Do the talents of John Barrowman have no limit?

Recently a passage from his autobiography “Anything Goes” was published in The Daily Record, in which he describes the differences between the two Doctor Who stars Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant.

John joined the TARDIS after a very impressive audition – he knew within hours that he had won the role:

I don’t remember much of the call because my brain stopped working at my manager Gavin Barker’s first line: “John, they want you to be Captain Jack.”

I screamed: “I’m going to be in the TARDIS.”

At least he realised that bit.

So – “angsty”?

When David Tennant and I began filming together in early spring 2007, the hardest part for me was to resist speaking to him in a Scottish accent.

I found the set to be a lighter one with David than it had been with Christopher in the lead role. I think David is a happier person, whereas I found Chris to be a bit angsty.

Perhaps – and I’m really sticking my neck on the line here, as John is a real showbiz type and Mr Eccleston isn’t, but – just perhaps he didn’t like you John…?

There’s a big extract from Barrowman’s book in the Daily Record, so hop over and have a look at it.


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