Eve Myles Chats

American coverage of Torchwood dwells on Eve Myles – declaring her “almost unbelievably … nice”

Apparently, it’s all in the accent. Or should that be “acc-ent, boyo”?

She is enthusiastic. Sweet. Kind. Modest. She giggles and exclaims and asks questions in the flowing, silvery Welsh accent “Torchwood” viewers have tuned their ears to.

Thankfully the silvery valley girl has a few words to say to the PIttsburgh Post-Gazette’s Samantha Bennett – who seems to have taken a shine to Myles’ dark locks and big eyes.

“We wrapped Season Two the 26th of November, and then basically I’ve gone straight on to doing another drama, and between doing that we’ve been promoting the second series, and last night was the premiere.”

“I love playing Gwen Cooper,” she says. “She’s an absolute challenge to play, in every sense of the word, and I adore playing her.” Asked if she’s afraid of getting typecast, Myles’ response is an emphatic “no.”

It would seem to that Eve Myles doesn’t have a career plan mapped out. At least not publicly…

“I’m a very casual person, and I’m quite a calm person, and you know what? I take care of today, and tomorrow will take care of itself.”

There’s a future on the convention circuit for the actress who first came to national attention as psychic servant girl Gwyneth in the The Unquiet Dead, however, as she pours fan-focussed platitudes.

“With ‘Torchwood,’ you guys have embraced it so fantastically, and you’ve given us so much joy because there’s so many people watching it.

“And I get lovely letters from people of all ages, from across the board in America, and they’ve nothing but really lovely things to say.”


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