Torchwood Reaction

The overnight figures for the first two installments of Torchwood Series 2 indicate that on both occasions the series claimed around 15% of the available audience.

With Sleeper pulling in 3.4 million viewers (according to overnights), and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang succeeding with 3.7 million, things are looking good for Captain Jack and company.

And according to SFX magazine’s website, audience appreciation figures were high for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang:

The viewing figures for the BBC3 repeat were 247,000 and the Audience Appreciation figure was a very healthy 84 (this figure is out of 100, and the average score is 77), which was just 1% away from what’s regarded as “excellent” by the number crunchers who put these surveys together (Doctor Who usually has an AI figure of around the same).

In fandom, Sleeper has been compared to The Terminator, The Predator and the modern Battlestar Galactica. Comparisons have been both favourable and unfavourable, based mainly on the Torchwood budget and the perceptions of the… often “inaccessible”… Battlestar Galactica.


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